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Riley goes over the details of the case with Kelly. His former lawyer dropped him as a client due to the death threats. Kelly is suing Onestar Communications, which owns the magazine that printed his name, for one million dollars. It's sort of interesting that the captioning keeps substituting "newspaper" for "magazine," and since that's how it happened in real life, I guess the writers had to make changes to avoid lawsuits or something. Kelly says that his family has had to stay in a hotel, he's been asked to take an unpaid leave of absence from work, and his son has been harassed. Fineman, silent up until this point, asks what Kelly will do with the ball. Kelly says it's not about money, and offers to cut the amount he's asking for, so that he can "punish the magazine for printing [his] name and address and putting [his] family in danger." Fineman angrily asks what Kelly was thinking. Riley clarifies that they need to know what happened. Kelly says that the ball was coming right at him, so he put down his beer. Fineman asks if Kelly ever thought the right fielder might catch it. Kelly claims he was thinking that if he caught the ball, his son would be impressed, but instead of cost his team the game and the Series. Kelly adds that he has loved the team his whole life, and that now his name is "linked with them in infamy." Riley says that the magazine has filed a motion to dismiss. Kelly says he hopes Riley can convince the judge otherwise because his life has become "a living hell."

Grant shows up at Jack's office, at Jack's request. He notes that he saw Jewel on the news, and Jack says that she's opposing counsel on his case. Grant thought that they weren't taking on "the spy case," and Jack says that there's been a change of plans. Jack says that his client is getting the shaft. Well, isn't that what happens in prison? I mean, I've watched Oz. Grant says that he had the same thing happen on a case in 1998, where the FBI left a good agent high and dry. Jack asks if Grant still has his contacts at the FBI, and whether he'll share them. Grant is reluctant. Jack reminds Grant that they're supposed to be on the same team. Grant says he inquired about Vince, and that he believes Vince didn't do it, but that it's not his case. Jack tells Grant to call him when he wants to work with the firm. Grant says he's just trying not to overstep his bounds, and starts to walk out. He stops and suggests that Jack look at Vince's love life, since "it tends to be where we find out greatest weakness."

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