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Jack confronts Vince with Sandra's revelations. Vince can't believe Jack is taking her word for it, and he doesn't know why Sandra is doing it. Jack says that maybe Sandra should be in jail instead. Vince is silent for a moment, and then asks if Jack has ever fallen in love with a woman who was wrong for him. Jack's like, "Have you met the AUSA? Blonde? Crooked front teeth?" Vince asks if they are protecting her. Jack says that if they are, they'll know Sandra is hiding something.

Brit finds the package from Charlie on her desk. She opens it, and pulls out Barrington's journal. She rushes down to an empty copy room and pulls out the page that Charlie gave her at their last meeting. She finds the right section of the journal, and matches the page up, verifying that Charlie got the page from this book. Brit turns the page to see the entries leading up to Barrington's death, but they are all blank, so she slams the book shut and grits her teeth. I hope she slaps someone!

Jack goes to Jewel's office. She says he'll have to walk with her if he wants to talk, because she has a meeting. Jack says he sent over a request for Vince's file a week ago. Jewel explains that, due to national-security issues, there is information that they can't present in open court. Jack asks whether Sandra is part of their case, and Jewel says that Jack will know soon enough. Jack asks if she's more interested in justice or publicity. Jewel retorts that if Jack wants to talk about priorities, he should remember that he put her behind "crackheads and softball." Jack says that she left him in the Bahamas in the middle of a game of hearts to go on a job interview. Jewel says that her job is important to her, and that Jack feels the same about his job. She adds that Jack wasn't ready for marriage. Yeah, their past relationship isn't affecting their work on this case at all! Jack says that he's made a lot of progress in seventeen months, and Jewel softens a bit. Jack asks about Sandra again, and Jewel admits that she's been granted immunity. Jack asks for details, but Jewel can't tell him. She runs off.

Riley and Fineman sit in Riley's office and discuss the baseball case. Riley says, "Under the law, the public disclosure of facts like his name and address would have to be offensive or objectionable to the reasonable person." Fineman points out that his address is in the phone book, so it's already been disclosed publicly. Riley asks if Fineman is working for the magazine, and Fineman says he's just arguing the other side. Riley tells Fineman to check his feelings at the door. Fineman says he thinks it's a curse, and Riley laughs it off. Fineman wants to present his evidence, but Riley wants to move on. Fineman checks out and says that a newspaper is going to publish a story tomorrow claiming that Kelly placed a bet on the game in question on a gambling website. Riley doesn't see the big deal until Fineman says that Kelly bet against his own team. Riley rushes over to check it out, and Fineman says, "Forget curses. Now we're talking conspiracies."

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