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Riley and the magazine's lawyer meet with a judge. The magazine's lawyer argues that the incident was legitimate news, and that the ball is now worth a hundred grand due to media interest. Riley protests that Kelly was just a fan going to a game. The magazine's lawyer says that Kelly brought a front-row seat to a nationally televised game, and that every fan would want to catch a foul ball and make Sportscenter. Riley says that Kelly's name and address weren't flashed on the TV screen when he caught that ball, and that the magazine can't "abdicate responsibility for the harm [they've] caused." Riley runs down all of Kelly's problems. The magazine's lawyer says that it's about money, and that Kelly would feel a lot better if he sold the ball at auction. He also brings up the First Amendment. Riley says that the magazine published information that ruined his client's life, and that the First Amendment was not created to protect that. The judge agrees with Riley, and denies the magazine's motion to dismiss the suit. The judge can't resist adding a dig at Kelly for ruining his team's chances, like, why are there so many Cubs fans in DC? I guess that might be another reason why they removed the name of the team from the episode.

Grant makes small talk with some lawyers. Jack walks up and says he needs a word. They walk down the hall. Jack asks about Grant's FBI source, and Grant says that he and the source are playing phone tag. Jack walks into Grant's office and slams the door. He delivers an impassioned speech about how this isn't about the two of them, and that a man's life is at stake. He orders Grant to find his source. Why doesn't Jack get his own damn source? Grant admits that the AUSA's whole case hinges on Sandra's testimony, but then clams up again. Jack gets all riled up and says, "I sign your checks. Now, spill it." Ooh, Jack didn't have to go there! Grant looks like he wants to punch Jack right in his pretty-boy face. Do it! Grant says that they are planning on going public with Sandra's testimony at the hearing, but not about her "international connections" or "criminal record." Grant hands Jack a report to look at. Jack reads about a restraining order filed against Sandra by a Leonard Weaver who works at the FBI building. Jack asks where he can find Leonard Weaver. I'm guessing at the FBI building, since that's where he apparently works? Grant claims he doesn't know any more. Jack orders Grant to have Weaver at Triple L by the end of business and stomps out. Man, Jack must have PMS or something.

Brit walks in. Grant snaps at her that it's not a good time. Brit pulls out the journal and tells Grant that she found something. Grant asks, "God?" Brit says it's a journal, not a Bible. Specifically, it's Barrington's journal. Grant is suddenly very interested, and asks what happened to the entry the day before Barrington died. Brit says that he didn't get that far, and shows Grant the page she got from Charlie. Grant notes the line that says, "J.T. payoff to W.P.L." Brit doesn't think it sounds kosher. Grant very seriously says that he's always admired Brit's loyalty to the firm, but that she's not required to participate in a cover-up. He adds that if he stumbled across something like this, he would need to get it off his chest, and Brit doesn't have a choice. That was apparently exactly what Brit wanted to hear, and she smiles like the Cheshire Cat.

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