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Titty By Committee

Clark uses his superhearing (finally) to overhear some Germanic guy talk about how hot Lois is. The club manager tells the guy that she's new, and that for 500k, he won't ask any questions. $500,000!? Dude, you could probably buy Lois for a case of Schlitz and a dime bag. The problem with high rollers is that they never take the time to hunt for bargains. Clark gets up to go confront Der Vite Slavery Guy, but just as he stands, all the lights in the club go bright. "Everybody freeze!" someone yells. It's the Metropolis PD. Maggie Sawyer is up at the front, telling everyone to calm down. Everybody scrambles. Pimps, grab ya hos! Hos, grab your...boobs! Run! Maggie announces that they've had reports of underage people serving and being served in the club.

Backstage, Lois grabs her purse. German Dude grabs her hand and tells her to come with him. "You vant to get arrested?" he asks. Nobody vants that. Lois is like, "Yeah, sure, cool, guy I don't know!" It's that kind of street-smarts that'll get her, what, killed someday? Can we hope?

Back in the club, we pan across stripper clothes strewn across an empty stage. The clothes smell like perfume from Foley's and broken dreams. Maggie grabs Clark's arms and handcuffs him as she tells him this is the wrong time and definitely the wrong place: he's under arrest. She pushes him over to stand with the rest of the luckless saps.

Commercials. What does it say about us, as a country, that Saw II is the #1 movie in the country? You know what? Don't tell me. I don't want to know.

Maggie is now leading the club manager through the club in handcuffs. He asks what this is about. Maggie tells him they got an anonymous tip that a vehicle involved in a hit-and-run left the club the night before. She tells him that the cops aren't going to keep looking the other way anymore, even though the club's clients can pull lots of strings. Maggie says they've got a dead nineteen-year-old on their hands and that she's going to go by the book. The cop book, I hope. Maggie -- who's got a bad case of the red-rash neck -- tells the arrested folks that she knows it's 5 in the morning (really?), and that she appreciates their cooperation. All the dudes are led away as the strippers and Chloe come down some stairs at the same time. Pssst, nursie! ["Call me" phone hand gesture.] Chloe and Clark see each other. He asks where Lois went. Chloe asks what Clark is doing there. And, they've missed each other.

Clark eavesdrops from across the room as Maggie talks to one of the bouncers. He offers to help, and says he wants to cut a deal. He tells Maggie that the senator had nothing to do with the murder: Luke was drunk and the bouncer took him home. Clark nods to himself, satisfied.

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