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Titty By Committee

Backstage, Chloe is trying on the comely angel's wings. Foreshadowing? She says that they're heavier than they look. "They're way better than the heels, trust me," says the stripper angel. You know, every time a middle-aged man cashes his paycheck to use at the club, a stripper angel gets her wings. Chloe sits down right in front of Cowgirl and asks again if they were all close to the murdered girl. Geez, Chloe. Cowgirl starts to get up again, but Chloe stops her, apologizing for the "premature segue." The strippers don't know what that is, but they're not happy with the way Chloe changed the subject like that. Chloe says they're on the same side, and that she just wants to know what happened. "It's a tragedy is what it is," says Dixie Cowgirl. She tells Chloe that the girl finally got her chance, and Prince Charming, then, WHAM! No more ivory tower. Prince Charming frequents the strip club? Chloe asks if she means the senator. "No way," another stripper says. "The only thing he did wrong was fall for her." I see they all took acting classes as correspondence courses. Dixie Cowgirl says that some Euro-looking dude always takes a girl out of the club every few months, and she's never to be seen again. She goes to a pretty ranch to graze in paradise! Wholesome Leather Girl from earlier cracks her whip and says, "You know why they invented fairy tales?" For money? She says it's because nobody wants to face reality. She says that the girls disappear and no one ever sees them again. Doesn't that happen with strippers anyway? "Somebody should have warned your friend about that," says the 7th Heaven Dominatrix. "Lois?" Chloe asks. The girl saw Lois leave with Eurotrash during the raid.

"Sullivan?" Maggie asks, coming backstage. She calls Chloe over to go.

In the club, Maggie is leading Clark and Chloe away. Maggie tells them they owe thanks to Lex for some very generous phone calls. Will they thank him? Hell to the naw. Chloe tells Maggie that she thinks Eurotrash may have Lois. Clark backs that up, saying he overheard Euro and the club manager making a deal before the raid. Maggie asks if they have a name. Then she sighs in frustration. She asks if it's true that Chloe's underaged cousin was making deals with wealthy men and escaped a police raid. "It's not like that," Clark says. No, it's pretty much exactly like that. Chloe says that Lois was helping her investigate. "'Investigate'?" Maggie says, looking like Chloe just called her "Cuntbag." She angrily says that Lex helped Clark and Chloe out this time, but that it "WILL NOT happen again!" She yells at them to go play Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy in somebody else's precinct. Do you have a phone number? Any sort of referral? No? Uh...we'll just be going, then.

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