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Titty By Committee

Kent Farm. Unless the mailbox is a liar. Shriveled Luke is on his cell phone, telling someone that if he's not going to change his political positions to satisfy polls, he's sure not going to do it just because a journalist heard a rumor. Luke hangs up just in time to see his own blue car swerving onto the scene. Holy hot-roddin', Bo! Luke shakes his head: "You just could not resist, could you?" Bo says that Luke has a nasty habit of leaving his keys in the ignition. "Get in," Bo says. Luke runs around the car and says it wouldn't be the first time he put his life in Bo's hands. He climbs up and slides in through the window. Bo gives him a funny look. "What?" Luke says. "The damn thing's been stuck since I bought it." Er...all right. We'll let you coast on that door handle joke. Bo starts the car and reverses quickly. Why don't they look? He speeds off. Where's MamaKent during all these shenanigans?

Woooooohooooo! The blue Generally is flying through the air in slow motion in a Dukes homage that is just...absolutely...uh...something. Let's freeze. It was right about this time that old Omar's hands were starting to get a little crampy from typing all day, so he got up and got himself a beer. Now, the little missus wanted to watch Desperate Housewives, so old Omar pulled it up on his TiVo and they watched that for a while. It was plumb all right. Then Omar got a hankerin' to start recappin' again, so he went and did that. Now, back to our show. Bo drives not very defensively as the car skids this way and that along the back roads. "Try that with a 4-cylinder!" says Luke, excitedly. Luke asks what the real reason is for this little joyride. "When were you going to tell me about the girl?" Bo asks. Oh. That. Can't we go do some donuts instead? Countrified incidental music plays a little too loudly through the rest of the scene. Luke asks if Bo thinks Luke had something to do with what happened. Bo has no idea. But he'd like some straight answers. Give it to him straight, Luke. Don't be fagging it up in here. Luke bullshits that he didn't want Bo to get involved. That's why you're hiding out in his house? Bo's just mad that he was lied to. "Well, what do you want me to say?" Luke fires back. "That my marriage is more of a business arrangement? That the only thing that makes me happy is some dancer half my age?" Wow. That's a good start. Luke asks how much of that Bo would understand. Mister, he'll tell you things about cows that'll straighten your curlies. Bo says that they've all had their lives move in unexpected directions. Luke asks if Bo ever had a lie that got out of hand. He thinks that Bo's just never been caught at it. Bo, pissed, skids the car into a 180, and then stops. Bo says he's never been a position where people look up to him. You got that right. Bo tells Luke he's Clark's hero. Luke whines that it must mean he can't have faults. Jackass. Luke claims that there are no more heroes because people envy them and are just waiting for them to screw up. Yeah, blame the public, Joe G-String. Bo asks what Luke's going to do. Luke asks, "What do you want me to do?" Get Bo backstage at the strip club? Luke says he's a good senator, and asks if Bo wants to give that kind of power to Lex. Bo says that at least with Lex, he knows who the guy is. Bo peels out. Point taken.

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