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Titty By Committee

Looking into a mirror inside the Kent home, Luke is adjusting a tie to go with his suit. Bo, coming down the stairs, says it takes a lot of guts to face all those reporters. Luke says it's easy after facing Bo. Bo doesn't want to let all this destroy their friendship. Bo hopes it's not because he can't climb off his pulpit. Bo just wants Luke to be honest. Luke says he's no longer the best man for the job. Bo offers to fight alongside him. Luke says he used to be the man who could fight the Luthors of the world, but that's no longer him. He says he sees somebody who'd do it better. Bo thinks he's talking about Lex Luthor. No, dumb-ass. He's talking about you! Bo is dumbstruck. He gulps. Funky music does the country version of "wonk, wonk, wonk."

Kent home, again. Lois climbs down the stairs carrying a box of stuff. She tells Clark that his personal space is about to be reinstated. Lois explains that she's taking the apartment at The Talon. She makes sure Clark doesn't have a key to the place. She thought he did because he and Lana were "foin' it." She snickers. Clark says he doesn't. Lois says she wouldn't want any surprise midnight visits. Clark asks if he can make this move go any faster. He snarks about her loofah and her collection of Whitesnake albums. Lois hands him a box of junk and tells him to get moving.

Talon apartment. Lois has her junk every damn place. "This is weird," Clark mutters. "I spent so much time up here with Lana." Even when Lana's not in the last scene of the show, she usually ends up in the last scene of the show. "Clark," says Lois. "It's not like I'm taking her place. Just her sublet." Chloe walks in and asks them to indulge her for a moment. She shows them a newspaper with her first (non-column) Daily Planet byline. Clark hunts for it on the front page. She tells him it's on page 73. At the bottom. The headline reads, "Diplomat's son arrested by Interpol in Europe." Isn't "In Europe" redundant? And wouldn't that story have been written by, I dunno, someone in Europe? Lois and Clark both congratulate Chloe. Chloe thanks the two of them for their help. Apparently she's not doing obit duty anymore. Clark, reading from the story, says that Interpol got an anonymous tip on Eurotrash. He eyes Chloe closely. She rolls her own eyes and tells them to get back to the heavy lifting. So, so unethical. Lois stops Clark to tell him to shut his mouth and listen up. He does. She says that even though she was kicking butt on the helicopter, it was nice to have backup. Backup from Veronica Mars? Lois says that Clark doesn't have to come after her, but that he always does. She thanks him. "You're a really good friend," she says. Clark smiles. Lois adds, "About the lapdance..." She says that if Clark tells anyone about that, his Elmer Fudd nightlight will make a very public appearance. Clark looks afraid. "Aye aye," Clark says, walking off, "...sailor." Lois scoffs, but happily.

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