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Titty By Committee

The phone rings again. Chloe sighs as she goes to answer. An attractive but scared-looking woman in a phone booth says, "I need a reporter to meet me!" I'll be right there. Chloe asks who it is. The woman only says that she wants to talk to a reporter before "he" finds her. A phone booth. How quaint! She gives the name of her intersection, 7th and Edgemont. "Please, you've gotta hurry!" the woman says, and hangs up on Chloe.

Does Chloe go get a reporter? No, not so much. Instead, she and Lois drive up in Chloe's red Beetle to what looks like a part of town where bad things happen. You can tell by the atmospheric fog. Lois asks if they couldn't have met the woman at a coffee shop. Chloe says it didn't sound like a brunch invitation. Lois wonders if Chloe shouldn't have passed the tip to a journalist with an above-ground office. Chloe says that she'll never get out of her subterranean situation if she doesn't take a chance like this. The woman from the phone booth appears across the street, waving her arms and yelling, "Please! Help me!" Great job hiding out, lady. Chloe waves. The woman starts to run, right out into the street. You see where this is going, right? The woman, wearing a slinky red dress, is limping. An SUV comes up behind her and runs her right the fuck over. Chloe and Lois gasp. They run to the woman. Chloe takes her pulse. "She's dead," Chloe says. Maybe you should call a reporter now, Chloe?

Opening credits. Commercials. Chicken Little at McDonald's? Shouldn't that be "Chicken McNugget"?

Kent Farm. Bo Duke is changing the tire on a tractor while Clark, wearing his in-season red flannel, is helping with the hay. Bo asks how long he's got Clark before he heads to Metropolis. Clark says that Lana is out of town for the weekend; she's tracking a comet with her class at the Lincoln Center. "What about Chloe? Or Lois?" Bo asks. What about some guy friends? Clark says that Chloe's juggling school and work and that Lois...well, he says he'd do anything to get rid of her. As would I! Come on, Al and Miles. Terminate! Bo starts to chuckle until they both notice somebody heading to the farm. It's a solid-blue version of the General Lee! Bo hands Clark a tire iron and tells him to hold it. They might need to bust some heads her in a sec. The car -- the Generally -- does some drifty turns as it heads toward the farm. Clark starts to take a step forward to protect his dad from the wildly careening car, but Bo holds him back. The car skids and turns, spraying dirt just a few feet from Bo Duke's leg. Bo bends down to look into the car. Holy Tom Wopat! It's Luke Duke! "Is that the best ya got?" Bo asks Luke. Bo says that he's got another six inches out here. Ew. Keep it in your pants, Dad. Luke gets out of the car and says he wasn't sure how rusty Bo's reflexes have gotten. Wow, Wopat. It's very clear who's aged more since Dukes of Hazzard. Maybe Wopat should get the number for Bo's dermatologist. "Senator Jennings!" Clark calls Luke. Luke asks what ever happened to "Uncle Jack." Sun damage, apparently. Clark kisses Luke Duke's ass, saying that doesn't seem fitting for someone on a first-name basis with the governor. Bo and Luke hug. Luke says that the governor didn't win a state football championship. Oh, that's right. I guess Clark did do that. Luke congratulates Clark and jokes that he wonders who might have pressured him to follow in his footsteps. Bo says that's a lot better than hanging out under the bleachers with the sheriff's daughters. Says you, Bo. "Not both of them at once!" Luke retorts, and gives Clark a big-eyed take that's actually pretty funny. Bo asks what Luke is doing out here, in the middle of a campaign season. Luke says that he needed a break from the rat race. Speaking of which, you guys got any cheese around here? Luke says he could use some help rallying the farmers. He says that Bo has lots of pull with that union. The farmers are unionized? Bo says he always wins the county by a landslide. Luke takes some campaign signs from his trunk and hands them to Bo. He says that the race is about to get a lot tougher. "Rumor has it I'm running against Lex Luthor," says Luke. Do what?

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