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Titty By Committee

Daily Planet building. The police officer Maggie Sawyer (formerly Ladycop) -- whom we last saw quite a while back -- is interrogating Lois and Chloe about the hit-and-run. She chides Chloe for having pretty much no helpful information, and says she's off to a great start as an investigative reporter. "If you remember anything else," she says sarcastically, "let me know." Sawyer walks away until Lois calls out that she guesses the police will just file this under the rug. Sawyer licks her lip and lectures Lois about the girl who died; she had no job they could discern, and the girl was in a bad part of town. She says it's not a mystery what happened down there. Lois asks if it doesn't seem weird to Sawyer that an "alleged streetwalker" was wearing $500 Jimmy Choo shoes. Lois recognizes Jimmy Choo shoes? It does seem strange that Lois is the one asking all the questions here, and not Chloe. Chloe steps forward and tells Sawyer that the woman died trying to tell a reporter her story. Unfortunately, she got Chloe. She says she's not hardened, and that this girl meant more to her than a statistic. Chloe says that they have to find out who did this. Sawyer sympathizes, but says that most of the streets in the line of questioning end up being dead ends: "I will do my job. You do yours." Yes, Chloe, make sure you let people know that dog obits don't run in the paper.

After Sawyer leaves, Lois rolls her eyes and scoffs, calling Sawyer "Officer Stalin." Chloe says she tracked down the phone number the girl called from; it was the pay phone near the murder. But Chloe says she can't find anything but a bunch of warehouses nearby. On the computer map program she's using, Chloe finds a list of nearby businesses. There's Tranh's Auto Body, E&H Hitch Shop Ltd. and the Windgate Club. "I'm guessing she didn't get all glammed up to count inventory," Lois says. Chloe gets an intent look on her face and picks up the phone.

Kent Home. Luke Duke, in an unkind extreme close-up, is telling the story of the time Bo Duke outran four cop cars and pissed off half the chicken farmers in Chickasaw County. Bo says it's only because Luke said he knew a shortcut. Clark, completely enamored, says he never gets to hear the other sides of these stories, and asks if Luke's got any more. He says they'll come in handy next time Bo wants to give Clark a lecture. There's a knock at the door. Bo tells Luke not to say anything else until he gets back.

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