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Fake Empire

Which I mean, for a show called Shameless I think Karen's the only thing we're really ending well on. What a horrible fucking situation. Doesn't it seem kind of familiar, like high school? You're not allowed to love anybody, because that's too needy, but you want everybody to like you, so you have to fuck them without loving them, suck off their gay brothers and have orgies and whatever, make out with other boys in front of them so they won't go away.

And you've got your dad telling you he'll love you if you only admit that you're a whore, and then like a jack-in-the-box clown, surprise! That's the one thing he can't forgive. He takes the shame in him and he puts it in you, and then blames you for it.

Jasmine: "I like you, Miss Fiona. You're a dirty girl like me."

Lip:"I promise, I don't love you."

And you've got Daddy Frank at just the wrong time, offering you the chance to finally win one because he's someone that is not worthy of any kind of need. Nobody will ever care to win his approval, or his love, except for Debbie and Carl because they don't know better yet. Because he is the lowest. Daddy Frank, who's so insecure about his own masculinity he's just waiting for a reason to headbutt Ian, or fuck Lip's girlfriend. Who would rather put his back into a speech about the strength of character it takes not to do those things than it would take to simply not do those things.

And at the heart of it, this amazing boy who's so afraid of scaring you off that he's willing to do anything for you, to you, to prove he's just as hard as you are: And that's the only person you've actually hurt. All that time saying you weren't mad and it turns out it didn't matter if you were. It wasn't about anger at all, it was about spreading the shame so wide that nobody could get away.

Shame is the opposite of grace; it is not your natural state. It is a sign that somebody fucked up. What's that saying about how anger is like drinking poison and expecting it to kill somebody else? That's what Eddie did to you. That's how your father used you up. Doesn't that all sound just weirdly, horribly familiar?

Ian: "Lip, how was Karen? ...Lip?"
Lip: "She fucking dumped me."
Ian: "Were you two even a couple?"
Lip: "Still feels shitty."
Ian: "She is kind of a slut."
Lip: "Yeah, but so am I."

Eddie's going ice fishing this weekend. Hasn't even checked his email yet. When he sees the subject header, he grins wider than Frank Gallagher. He closes the door of his office, checks it twice with his hands nearly down his trousers already. Sits down to see what Daddyz Girl is up to; see what the Father of the Year's gonna give her next. Little slut.

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