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Still Fighting the Future
Outside, on the road toward the igloos, CSM tools around on his own large Snow Cat. He sees Mulder's vehicle, abandoned, and takes a large gasp of his ever-present cig. Inside the structure, Mulder is still sort of wandering around. He appears to be inside some kind of ship. The effects here are pretty cool, actually -- all gears and green lights and metal and CGI magic. He wanders and wanders and eventually gets to a point where he can see more of the ship, which is huge, fancy, and mechanized. (I remember being very impressed by this in the movie theatre, anyway.) The ship makes a series of metal on metal clonking noises, as Mulder pulls out his binoculars and looks down into the belly of the ship. There appears to be some sort of assembly line or something down there, near which lays the hyperbaric chamber in which Scully was transported, still containing her clothes. Mulder tries to climb down to investigate further, but ends up mostly falling the entire way instead. The word "shit" is uttered as he slides all the way down what looks like some kind of gearshift, and then almost falls six hundred feet to his death, but he manages to hustle up the upper body strength of Atlas and hangs onto the edge of one of the gears, eventually hauling himself onto a ledge, from which he manages to work his way down to the floor of the ship. Phew! Mulder finds Scully's clothes still in the hyperbaric chamber, her gold cross nestled among the folds of her shirt. He looks sadly at the necklace for a moment before putting it in his pocket. He then heads off in search of his partner, whom he finds with remarkable ease amid all the billions of people who are gestating aliens in suspended and icy animation. Scully looks pretty bad; she's sort of green, she's got some bizarre umbilical cord type-thing coming out of her mouth, and, you know, there's an alien gestating inside her, which is very rarely a good thing. Upstairs, in some sort of control room, CSM orders his flunkies down below, telling them that they may have a breach. Mulder beats on the ice around Scully's body with his hand, but it's pretty thick. He runs back to the hyperbaric chamber, removes the metal oxygen tank, runs back to Scully, and finally manages to break open her icy, icy grave. Upstairs, the flunkies are running around nuttily. Things beep. Downstairs, Mulder is frantically pulling shards of ice away from Scully's body. Green water spills everywhere. He takes out the miraculously unbroken vial of the vaccine and jams the needle into Scully's shoulder. She blinks and begins to move. The umbilical cord in her mouth shrivels up as a foreign substance -- alien DNA, I guess -- slides out of her body and back into the cord. The ship shifts dramatically.

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