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Still Fighting the Future
Mulder and Scully crawl and crawl. Eventually, Scully pulls herself out of the vent. Just as Mulder emerges behind her, there is a blast of what looks like exhaust from the venting system and the alien that was about to destroy the two of them squeals and disappears in the puff of smoke. Mulder and Scully crawl up onto the fresh, clean snow and rest there for a moment. Mulder rouses himself and looks behind them at the ice, which is cracking into thousands of bits and falling away into nothingness. He pulls Scully to her feet again, and they run and run and run some more, as the ice continues to fall away from their feet and into what looks like a giant sinkhole. Eventually, the agents can't outrun the cracking of the snow, and they fall, fall, fall into the sinkhole. And are then briefly lifted into the air on the lip of a giant spaceship, off the edge of which they promptly spill, safely back onto solid ground. The spaceship, huge and covered in flashing lights, hovers over them for a moment before flying away into the distance. Mulder watches this, wide-eyed and amazed. "Scully, you've got to see this," he says, but she's barely conscious, and she misses it. Of course. Of course, she does. Cue the Mystical Music of the First Sighting of the Alien Ship, The Special Effects of Which Will Fail to Impress Us After a Mere Three Years. Mulder falls over, and closes his eyes. Has he fainted? Is he just being dramatic? Whatever. Scully pulls herself into a sitting position and manages to haul him into her lap. They grip one another. The music swells. Scully rests her head on his and closes her eyes and then we pull away and they freeze to death, or, because no one knows they're out there, end up eating each other as they camp there on the edge of a truly giant hole in the ground. Or not, because here we are in the OPR. Blythe Danner tells Scully that she has no idea what to report to Janet Reno now that Blythe Danner has direct evidence that Michaud may have been involved in the bombing in Dallas. I have no idea what new evidence, direct or otherwise, this is. Damn, this plot has holes all over the place -- holes I didn't even notice on first viewing. Also, why doesn't Blythe just tell Janet that Michaud was at fault? How hard is that? Anyway, Blythe snips that everything else in Scully's report is a big bunch of hooey. Elsewhere, somewhere, someone snatches those very important bone fragments from the Dallas field office. Blythe Danner yammers some more about how nuts the entire Antarctica story is.

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