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Still Fighting the Future
Somewhere, some guys load up a bunch of white tanker trucks. "Bees and corn crops do not quite fall under the rubric of domestic terrorism," Blythe Danner tells Scully. Scully looks stony-faced. "No, they don't," she admits. Some dude places a "Nature's Best Corn Oil" sign on the white tanker. Blythe Danner blathers something about incomplete reports and some shit. Cornfields are torched. Blythe Danner announces that she is left with no choice but to delete Scully and Mulder's wacky paranormal findings from her final report to the Justice Department until which time hard evidence becomes available. I don't even get what anyone is talking about anymore. Didn't she just say they had direct evidence of something or other? What. Ever. God. Scully gets up out of her chair. Skinner makes a "here we go again" face as she hands Blythe Danner a vial containing the bee that stung her. "I don't believe the FBI currently has an investigative unit qualified to pursue the evidence in hand," she says. Blythe Danner looks thoughtful as Scully walks out. Skinner makes a face as every single person on the OPR panel turns to stare at him. Washington Mall. The Mall -- not, you know, the shopping mall. Mulder looks at a story in the newspaper about an outbreak of the Hanta virus in North Texas. Get it? Do you get it? Scully strolls up to him. He looks up and doesn't smile. "Interesting work of fiction on page 25," he says. "Mysteriously, our names have been omitted." Mulder complains that "they're burying this thing." Now he wants to quit the FBI, he says. Scully informs him that she just told OPR everything she knows. Mulder brats that she's wasting her time -- that OPR will never believe her. "Then we'll go over their heads," Scully suggests. But Mulder is fed up at being right back at the beginning with nothing, all over again. He tells her that he wants to quit the Bureau. "You're right to want to leave me," he pity-parties. "You should get as far away from me as possible." Scully just gazes at him indulgently. "I'm not going to watch you die, Scully, because of some hollow personal cause of mine," Mulder tells her. Also, because he already did that when she had cancer. "Go be a doctor, while you still can," he snips. Scully sighs. "I can't," she tells him. "I won't. Mulder, I'll be a doctor, but my work is here with you now." Because she lurves him. She wants to have a million of his babies. Or, you know, just the one. Or does she? They stare at each other. She wants to find a cure for the virus, she tells him. Wow, that would be a nice story arc for the season after this, except for the whole thing where we never really hear about this ever, ever again. "How many other lives can we save?" she pleads. "Look," she says, taking his hand. "If I quit now, they win." She looks up at him. He looks down at her. They look at each other. And then walk off, hand in hand.

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