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Still Fighting the Future
Oh, they mean Scully. Well, that makes sense, too. Our plucky heroine stands in the middle of North Texas, looking around with her hands on her hips. She and Mulder see no evidence of a dig site on that land, although it's where Nameless Agent told them the bone fragments were allegedly found. There's a great long shot of the two of them standing there next to the housing project, with a brand-spanking-new green patch of grass in the foreground, where the E.T. Compound used to be. Mulder asks Scully whether she's sure the bones carried evidence of the same kind of infection the fireman had. "No, Mulder, I'm not. In fact, I've just started inventing things specifically to screw with you," she retorts. Actually, she just nods. And she's never seen that virus before? No, she has not. Finally, Mulder notices the green, green grass and the new, new playground and the two of them quickly figure out that the green grass and new playground are covering something up. While they're deducing, the three friends o' Stevie speed over on shiny brand-new bikes. Mulder asks whether they've recently seen anyone digging around the green area. They're not supposed to talk about that, they say. "Who told you that?" Scully asks. "Nobody," one of the kids twangs. "Nobody?" Mulder says, sharply. "The same 'nobody' who built that new playground and bought you those new bikes?" The kids look at each other. "I think you better tell us," Scully says. "We don't even know you," one of the kids says adenoidally. "We're FBI agents," Scully tells them. "You're not FBI agents," Adenoids says. "How do you know?" Mulder asks. "Because y'all look like door-to-door salesmen," Adenoids cute-kids. Yeah, door-to-door salesmen in Armani suits, you little twit. "Want to buy a badge?" Mulder asks, flashing his badge. "They all left an hour ago," the littlest kid says. "Going that way." All three kids point toward the right. The Drums of the Thrill of the Chase go wild as Mulder and Scully jump in the car and speed down a deserted stretch of highway. Driving. Driving. "Unmarked tanker trucks," Mulder muses. "What were archeologists transporting in tanker trucks?" Scully has no idea. She's blankly looking at a map when they come to a fork in the road. Mulder bites his lower lip. He thinks they went left. Scully doesn't know why, but she thinks they went right. The two of them look right and then left and then Mulder hits the gas and drives straight ahead, off the pavement and onto a dirt road. "Five years together, Scully, how many time I been wrong?" he asks, as they bump along. Scully just looks at him. "Never!" Mulder crows. "Not driving, anyway." The theme song burbles along, big-budget style.

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