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Still Fighting the Future
They keep driving. It gets dark. Eventually, Mulder and Scully come to the end of the dirt road. They've found nothing. Scully gives Mulder a very dirty look and gets out of the car. The Big-Budget-Style Theme Song finishes with a flourish, and then Scully really lets loose, reading Mulder the riot act about driving her all the way out there on a total wild-goose chase, when she has a meeting in Washington in eleven hours, the outcome of which might affect the biggest decision of her life. Mulder struggles to fold the map and doesn't apologize, but also, nicely, doesn't point out that she's the one who showed up that morning at the field office all of her own accord. Scully yells that people don't haul viruses in tanker trucks. Mulder tells her that someone might be hauling a virus in this particular tanker truck. Meaningful Stare, and then Scully demands to know what, exactly, Mulder is neglecting to tell her. He hems and haws and finally admits that the virus they're chasing might be extra-terrestrial. Scully makes the world's most exasperated face, although I can't believe that, at this point, she's surprised. "Mulder, I don't --" she begins. Mulder looks up from the map. Scully looks behind her. A train shuttles past them, two white tankers bringing up the rear. They exchange looks, and hop in the car to follow the train. Inside the car, Scully shoots Mulder an excited look. He drives up onto the train tracks, biting his lower lip the whole time. As the train goes into a tunnel, he drives over the tracks and up the hill above the tunnel. Mulder parks the car at the top of the hill. He and Scully scamper over to the edge of the embankment and peer down into the valley below. "What do you think they are?" Scully asks. "I have no idea," Mulder says. The two of them crawl down the hill toward two huge breast-shaped domes, lit from within, in the middle of what looks like a cornfield. Mulder and Scully tumble off the hillside and start making their way through the corn toward the breast-domes. "This is weird, Mulder," Scully calls from behind a cornstalk. "Very weird," Mulder amiably agrees. "Any thoughts as to why someone would be growing corn in the middle of the desert?" she wonders. Mulder pushes through the last of the corn. "Well, those could be giant Jiffy Pop poppers," he snarks. Scully emerges from the corn. She and Mulder look at one breast-dome, then the other, and then at each other. Mulder approaches the closer breast-dome and finds the door conveniently unlocked. He pulls it open and a gust of wind whooshes out, ruffling both of their coifs.

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