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Still Fighting the Future
The EMS guys come and load a semi-conscious Scully onto a gurney and take her away. Mulder follows them out to the street and watches as they hoist her into the rig. "What hospital?" he asks. The paramedic shuts the back doors in his face. Mulder goes around to the front of the rig and repeats the question to the driver. Who shoots him in the head! Dude. This is the part where I get (more) confused. Because we know this is the part where the Consortium takes away that without which Mulder cannot live without which without which with, but how could the Consortium possibly know Mulder and Scully would find the breast-domes, and, more importantly, how could they possibly know she would be stung? Did they decide to tap Mulder's phone and just wait around for something rotten to happen to her? Or did they have some other plan, and Mulder's phone is tapped as a matter of course, and they just saw this opportunity and took it? As if Mulder wouldn't be checking his phone for bugs, like, every single time he used it. Anyway, another ambulance comes wailing up the street, just in time to help Mulder and the bullet in his noggin. An airport somewhere. Scully rests like some latter-day Snow White in one of those temperature-controlled hyperbaric chamber things, which is shortly thereafter loaded onto a plane. CSM watches. The Violins of Taking Away That Without Which Mulder Cannot Live (The Good Grammar Remix) swell. CSM takes a drag from his cigarette and gets on the plane with Sleeping Beauty Scully. Hospital. Mulder cracks open his eyes to see the Lone Gunmen staring down at him. He makes a Wizard of Oz crack, and the Gunmen chuckle weakly before expositing that the bullet just grazed his skull. Mulder starts to sit up, asking about Scully, but his head hurts and he lies back down. The Gunmen have got it all figured out: Mulder's call to 911 must have been intercepted. Scully had a reaction, Frohike says, to the Africanized honey bee they found in Mulder's hallway. They don't know where she is. "I've got to get to her," Mulder says, as Skinner comes into his hospital room. Skinner stares at Mulder, and gruffs that Mulder is staying in the hospital. Skinner will go find Scully. Skinner points out that there's no way Mulder will be able to get out of the hospital alive. He gestures toward the guard outside Mulder's door. "What can we do?" Langly asks. "You can strip Byers naked," Mulder says, getting stiffly out of bed. "What?" Byers asks. "I need your clothes," Mulder wearily explains. I love Byers; if I had to choose one of the Gunmen to date, it'd be him. I'm a sucker for clean-cut morally upstanding men in suits. ["That leaves more Langly for Alex Richmond, and more Frohike for everyone else." -- Wing Chun]

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