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Still Fighting the Future
So Mulder escapes the hospital dressed as Byers, and Byers throws the guard off the scent of anything untoward by crawling into Mulder's hospital bed and hiding under the covers with a bandage on his head. Skinner pretends to talk on his cell phone. They manage to pull the scheme off without a hitch, although I suspect the guard isn't the sharpest pencil in the FBI's backpack, if you know what I mean, because that whole "exchange outfits to break so and so out of prison/ the hospital/ house arrest" is the oldest trick in the book. I also find it convenient that Byers's outfit fits Mulder so well and looks so artfully tailored on him, since I think Mulder's a good couple of inches taller than Byers and a lot broader. Mulder strides down a dark and rainy sidewalk, clandestinely cell-phoning...someone. He sheds Byers's jacket and darts across the street. Remember how season eight was all about hospitals? Fight the Future is all about alleys, which is where Kurtzweil runs into WMM. He was expecting Mulder, of course. Although Kurtzweil tries to run from WMM, the exit to the alley is blocked by WMM's big back car. Kurtzweil makes a very upset face. Mulder runs through the bar, looking for Kurtzweil. He darts into the alley just in time to see WMM's driver slamming the trunk of the limo closed. He demands to know where Kurtzweil is. "He's come and gone," WMM calmly replies. "I want to know where Scully is," Mulder asks. WMM almost smiles and says that he can tell Mulder both that, and how to save her, if Mulder will only get into the car with him. Mulder looks reluctant, but he gets into the car. And they drive off. Inside the car. There's a nice shot of the Capitol Building through the back window of the limo. WMM takes the vaccine out of his breast pocket, carefully unwraps it, and hands it to Mulder, along with a listing of the co-ordinates where he can find Scully. He also mentions that the vaccine needs to be administered within the next ninety-six hours, so he had better get a move on. Mulder, naturally, has no reason to believe that WMM is telling him the truth. WMM shrugs and says that he is, although he acknowledges that he can't prove it. "The virus is extra-terrestrial," he begins, and goes on to tell Mulder that it was the original inhabitant of this planet. "A virus?" Mulder asks. "What is a virus except a colonizing force that cannot be defeated, living in a cave, underground, until it mutates and attacks?" WMM asks rhetorically. Mulder is flabbergasted by the revelation that this entire conspiracy has centered on a disease. "No, for God's sake," WMM spits, frustrated, before explaining that this isn't just some common cold. It's a real whack disease, one that once walked the planet, well before the dinosaurs. "What do you mean, 'walked'?" Mulder asks. He looks like he's itching to take notes. "Your aliens, Agent Mulder," WMM says, slowly. "Your little green men arrived millions of years ago. Those that didn't leave have been lying underground, dormant, since the last ice age, in the form of an evolved pathogen, waiting to be reconstituted by the alien race when it comes to colonize the planet, using us as hosts. Against this we have no defense -- nothing except a weak vaccine." Mulder, and everyone who's ever watched this show, makes a confused face. Blah de blah, at first the Consortium figured that the virus would just make all us humans into a slave race, but they were shocked, shocked when they found out that the aliens are big old liars, and that they've actually been planning to use us humans not as mere slaves, but as giant human incubators for new, mean aliens. I? Am so confused. "My group has been working co-operatively with the alien colonists, facilitating programs like the one you saw, to give us access to the virus, in hope that we might be able, secretly, to develop a cure," WMM explains. Again with the confused. So, they're secretly working to figure out a vaccine. And they're pretending to work with the aliens, doing what? Paving the way for their invasion, right? Okay. Not like this has ever popped up on the show again, anyway. Finally, WMM tells Mulder that Mulder's father wasn't particularly thrilled with any of this whole alien invasion/ vaccine/ virus thing. Mulder angrily tells WMM that his father let his sister be abducted by the aliens. WMM sort of just looks at him and tells him that, "without a vaccination, the only true survivors of a viral holocaust will be those who are immune; human-alien clones. [Bill Mulder] allowed [Samantha] to be abducted, to be taken to a cloning program, for one reason." They look at each other. Mulder's all sweaty and forlorn. "So she would survive as a genetic hybrid," WMM finishes. Mulder looks out the window as WMM tells him Bill Mulder held hope that Mulder the Younger would find out about the project and stop it -- that he would "fight the future." How did he know Mulder wouldn't want to, you know, become an algebra teacher, or something? Whatever. Mulder rubs his eyes. "Why are you telling me this?" Mulder asks. WMM admits that he's sacrificing himself for the sake of his own children. He knows, he says, that talking to Mulder is tantamount to suicide. Mulder lets out a long breath and announces that he wants out of the car.

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