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Nothing But Precisely Sitting

Fanny is shocked.

Michelle: "I'm cutting the crazy quotient in half. 500 people? Really, Fanny? Are there even 500 people in this town? This is getting completely out of hand. We cannot wait till 2014 to have this memorial, it has to be now. Tomorrow, like you planned originally, when it was supposed to be a traditional Buddhist ceremony. Even though to my knowledge Hubbell wasn't a Buddhist..."

And that, as they say, is quite enough. Fanny tries to tell her it's none of her business, but we're past that part now.

Michelle: "I am going through this too, Fanny. I came here, I gave up my life..."
Fanny: "-- Oh, what a sacrifice that must have been. No more getting paid in poker chips."
Michelle: "I am his wife."

"I am his mother. And I have been his mother for forty-eight years. And now I have to figure out the proper way to say goodbye to my son. And if that includes mariachi bands or circus tents or fireworks or the damn Rockettes, then it is for me to decide. Because my heart is completely broken, forever. And when your heart is completely broken forever, you get to do whatever you want, no matter how crazy it seems to the woman who was his wife for 24 hours."

Michelle: "I don't know what you want me to do."
Fanny: "I don't want you to do anything. Ever."


Sasha sees Michelle, sitting, not precisely; she sees Fanny, sitting, not precisely. And she realizes today is missing something special. She realizes the thing that the rest of the people were too selfish to realize; since she's already selfish, it's less far to fall and a shorter ride back up.

Sasha: "Why aren't we doing anything? Madame Fanny is just sitting there, alone and sad, and you're just sitting here, and we're just sitting in the studio, and no one is doing anything. Boo lost her mind, and we went to a movie. That's it."

Michelle heads with her, because she is completely right, down to the studio, and gets all the chairs she can find, and sends the girls to find more chairs, and tells them to stop crying about the Mark Wahlberg movie and actually get moving and get chairs and stop worrying about if they're going to hell, and gets scared enough by how much the girls are starting to cry that she sort of starts yelling at them, so they pull it together. It's nice.


Gets a call from the sitar player -- named Ravi, turns out, which -- and sits for a while listening.

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