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Nothing But Precisely Sitting

Michelle: "Okay? Well, they're stale if that helps at all. You know, all that chewing... Help burn some extra calories..."

Is there anything she can do? No. She already knew that. Outdoors feels like indoors, for a second. Close and tight and stale. She leaves again.

Fates: "So she's still here... Wonder why. It just happened, of course, but she really didn't know him in the first place. There's nothing here for her now. And she's awfully tall."
Greene: "Was she ever a man? I think the town could use a woman who used to be a man. To go with the Republican, and the Liza Minnelli impersonator."

The phone rings; it's a monk. From Tibet. Fanny answers it. Maybe it's him.


Truly's almost finished cleaning up when Michelle appears, asking to help. She turns down the bagels -- nobody eats carbs anymore -- and Michelle finally breathes, exasperated. Can you believe the carb thing came back around again? So dumb. And we're not even done with it yet. People aren't even avoiding carbs anymore, they're avoiding gluten and dairy. These are the jokes you take out in the second pass. This whole episode is almost entirely made up of jokes you would take out in the second pass. Is there a writer's room at all? Is this some kind of a Louis CK situation where ASP is running everything, even craft services? And if so, is she serving carbs?

Michelle: "I'm thinking of singlehandedly bringing them back. You know, along with smoking, lead paint, thalidomide, slip 'n slide..."

Fanny enters, yelling at Tibet; seems the Dalai Lama promised to pray for Hubbell, but can't make it in person. Even though she's been so flexible about the day of the memorial. Sunday could be Monday, could even be Tuesday, could be a week from now, a month from now, whenever the Dalai Lama can come. She's happy to wait. It would make it so special, if the Dalai Lama could come.

Fanny: "I already have a monk in Ireland who said he'd pray from there, but I was really looking for someone to 'represent,' as the kids say. What if I throw in a trip to Disneyland? Does he have a friend who's not busy chanting for the Japanese people?"

Michelle: "At least he said he'd pray for him, that's nice. Right?"
Fanny: "He can say anything he wants, he's on another continent! How do I know he's really doing it?"
Michelle: "He's a monk. That's basically his entire to-do list, prayer."

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