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Horatio Caine, Judge and Jury

Special congratulations to whomever selected the music for the opening on this week's episode; nothing gives away the plot of a crime drama like a rapper informing us that "this right here is payback." As the rap continues, we pan over Miami's glittering night skyline, then smoothly transition to a gorgeous swimming pool. A naked guy -- yeah, that TiVo pause button comes in handy every once in a while -- dives into the pool as the rapper continues to carry on about how his antagonist is a peon, and while we're treated to a recitation of the many levels of pain the peon is about to experience at the hands of the rapper, the naked guy swims back and forth. The music stops, and Naked Guy then gets out of the pool. Then, because he's one of those people who's apparently incapable of doing anything unless the stereo or the TV is yammering in the background, he turns on the stereo and begins getting dressed. After picking one watch out of a case containing several, the guy putters until the doorbell rings. He goes to answer the door and asks, mildly surprised, "What are you doing here?"

Cut to Horatio and a tall, bald detective -- call him Vin Ethanol -- opening the door to the house as Vin explains, "Mother and daughter team selling Girl Scout cookies. Found the door open, saw the blood and called 911." "Well, there's got to be a badge for that," comments Horatio. This is where I curse for not having picked up all my Junior Girl Scout materials for next year. Vin tells Horatio that there's no ID, so they're currently checking to see if the car or the home ownership papers will provide a clue. Horatio notes that there's no sign of struggle or disturbance. Vin says, "It's the same way in the bedroom, only it's more disturbing."

The two men walk into the bedroom, where we see the formerly naked guy lying facedown on his bed, spread-eagled. His robe is hiked up to around his thighs, and his hands and feet appear to be taped to the bedstead with either duct tape or electrician's tape. Horatio notices the blood on the pillow near the man's head. Vin calls his attention to the watch case, noting, "Check this. Gotta be a hundred grand in watches." "A hundred thousand dollars in watches untouched. I guess we can rule out robbery," Horatio says. Vin adds, "Vic had to know the killer. I had my guys check the perimeter. No signs of forced entry." Horatio looks at the victim's backside and quips, "I wouldn't be too sure about that."

And the credits roll while I wonder exactly how much outcry there would have been if Horatio had said that about a female body sprawled on the bed. I guess male victims of sexual assault don't get the same sensitivity and tact the womenfolk get.

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