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Horatio Caine, Judge and Jury

Back at the lab, Speedle is engaged in the exciting work of matching up the cut edge of the electrical tape used to bind Thomas against a segment of tape cut using the Johnsons' scissors. There's no match. Speedle concludes that they'll have to go back to the murder weapon, i.e. the fabric gag.

Over in the autopsy bay, Alexx and Calleigh are looking at Michelle's face on the monitor. Alexx has just finished telling Calleigh how the cause of death was strangulation when Delko bursts in to tell everyone that the paint in Michelle's hair matches the paint samples they took from Club Canvas. He then notes what Alexx is staring at and asks, "Is that a UV photo?" She explains, "No. I took this post-autopsy. To get the UV photo, all I did was add an ultraviolet filter and flood her face with light. UV light penetrates the skin and picks up bruises and marks too deep to be seen by normal light. Any bruising that's already visible won't show up on a UV photo." We see the photo switching from regular shot to UV shot. Delko notices a mark on Michelle's cheek that, upon zoom-in, turns into a C-shaped bruise. Delko and Calleigh both remember those hideously tacky C-rings from their first trip to Club Canvas.

What rough CSI slouches toward the lab, waiting to be informed? It's Speedle, who comes into an area where a dreadlocked and acerbic young tech is standing before a microscope. Speedle summons all the charisma he can possibly muster and mutters, "Nice tie." "You're desperate, aren't you?" the tech shoots back. I like him already. Speedle grovels, "Well, you are the king of fibers." El Rey de las Fibras replies, "You got lucky. These fibers are manmade. [Organic] fibers would be impossible to trace; manmade fibers are produced on machines that leave distinct markings." We see a computer-generated image of puffy, vaguely triangular fibers stacked side-by-side. Speedle asks, "And the shapes are unique to that machine." El Rey de las Fibras answers, "Both fabrics were made by the same company, and since manufacturers don't duplicate each other's dyes..." "We identify the dyes, trace it back to a design house, and that will lead us to a suspect," Speedle picks up. El Rey is bouncing on his heels as he reveals that he's already done all that legwork -- there are ten different places in Miami that stock the fabric Speedle found. After Speedle ribs El Rey for his handwriting, we learn that one of the ten design houses is Murphy Home Decor, owned by Erin and Leonard Murphy. Speedle has a low-key eureka moment as he remembers the vase he found at Thomas's house with those names, and he wanders off. One presumes he'll thank El Rey de las Fibras with a yearly fabric tribute at a later date.

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