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Horatio Caine, Judge and Jury

It turns out Speedle's wandered in to examine the vase -- and other expensive-looking things -- with Horatio. After talking about how it's really hard to fence a personalized item, Speedle notes that Erin Murphy never reported the theft of the presumably-beloved-for-sentimental-reasons item. Horatio suspects she had good reason not to.

The camera then switches to a latex-gloved hand pulling a glove onto the other hand and giving the item a snap; it's the kind of shot that usually precedes the inevitable punchline where someone's just been subjected to a full-body cavity search, a prostate examination, or some other highly comedic anal indignity. I have no idea if that transition was on purpose. The snapping gloves in question belong to Calleigh and Delko. Guerro and Parker are watching them with great trepidation. Graziano busts in all, "My clients have a club to run. This is bordering on harassment." Calleigh drawls, "I can assure you, it's all perfectly legal." Graziano replies, "Just the same, I advise them not to answer any of your questions." This does not faze Calleigh, as all she wants are their rings. There's some protest, which I honestly don't understand; these guys should be grateful she's taking that pimp-rageous gimcrackery off their hands, literally and figuratively. Guerro snaps, "You know how much these things cost? This is because of Michelle?" Graziano chides Guerro, but the horse is out of the barn. Guerro explains, "I discovered Michelle. The deal was, she would work exclusively for us." Calleigh asks, "But she decided to branch out?" Guerro replies, "She wanted to be a promoter. She knew she had the looks. Talked the talk. Walked the walk. Stepped on a lot of toes in the process." Graziano elaborates, "She started hosting events at a place called the Thorny Rose." Calleigh flashes back to the dead rose she found in Michelle's bag. And then she gets the rings she wants.

The next shot is of Delko watching the beater boys through the one-way glass until Calleigh comes back to tell him that unfortunately, the rings are clean -- no blood, no epithelials, no crematorium ash.

And then we're in Murphy Home Decor with Speedle, Horatio, and Vin Ethanol. It's all a little too French Country Whatever for me; I'm a Stickley and Morris woman myself. Horatio inspects fabrics until Speedle calls his attention to the guestbook register. Just then, Leonard Murphy comes over and amiably asks if they'd like to be on the mailing list. As Vin Ethanol goes off with him so they can talk to Erin, Horatio zeroes in on the list, which has Thomas Carpenter's name all over it. No, really.

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