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Horatio Caine, Judge and Jury

Then Horatio goes upstairs, just in time to watch Erin clip some tape with a pair of scissors. He also notices the lengths of rusty pipe stacked along the wall. There's the usual commotion wherein the Miami-Dade PD disrupt everything without bothering to tell anyone why they're doing so, and then Horatio has a tête-à-tête with Erin. He slides over a picture of Thomas (front-side up this time) and asks, "Does he seem familiar to you?" No, he does not; Leonard works the front more often than she does. Erin asks why she's involved in this and what happened to the guy, and Horatio replies, "Well, he was murdered, and we believe he was murdered to avenge a rape." Erin is suitably taken aback, but she says, "I'm sorry. I can't help." Horatio replies, "Actually, you can. I'm going to need all of the scissors I see present, and a sample of your hair." "I'm going to need to see the warrant I presume you've got," Erin shoots back. Oh, she does not -- but don't you wish she did?

Back at the B-plot, Calleigh's telling Delko that Caribbean Queen tracked down the jeweler who made those awful rings. Delko's all, "But I thought you said they were clean." Using small words and a slow speaking tempo, Calleigh explains that two of the rings they inspected were clean, but there were three rings custom-made, and now all they have to do is find the silent partner. Calleigh closes the scene by quipping, "Not so silent anymore."

Speaking of not-so-silent, Erin Murphy is saying incredulously, "You think I was raped? Is this a joke?" Horatio doesn't even deign to look at her as he says, "I can assure you, this is no joke." Erin replies, "I think you've got some wrong information. I can assure you, if I was raped, trust me, the police would know about it." Horatio attempts to discredit this by asking, "Why didn't you report your home being burglarized?" "Because it wasn't! Obviously, you've got me mixed up with someone else," Erin protests. Horatio then whips out a photo of the anniversary vase and asks, "Do you own one of these?" Erin allows that she did, but says there must be thousands of those vases. Horatio doubts that those thousands of vases are all inscribed to Erin from Leonard. She says, "But ours shattered into a million pieces. It fell off the shelf while my husband was moving furniture. He called me while I was overseas buying fabric to tell me." Horatio asks when this happened; Erin can't pin down the exact time, and implores Horatio to tell her what's going on. He's all, "First you tell me what happened to your arm." Erin's been mauled by her cat. This is entirely plausible -- both the husband and I look like our hobbies include hesitation cuts on account of our furry terrors expressing their strongest emotions with claws extended. Horatio's all, "Your trips. Your fabric-buying trips." He says that like she's some sort of jacquard jezebel wantonly rolling naked across strange bolts of cloth. Erin's all, "Yes, fabric-buying trips. I spent two weeks in India. I just got back last night." Horatio then fails to tell Erin what's going on. Nice.

We're back at Club Canvas, which has not grown more exciting with time. Graziano's sneering down at Calleigh, "I don't know what you're talking about. I don't have a Canvas Club 'C' ring." Calleigh points out the tan line where his ring recently was. Delko's all, "Yeah, you must have never heard about that guy in L.A. with the Bruno Maglis?" Delko's showing a picture from Dade Diversions in which all three Club Canvas partners are wearing their rings as they toast the camera. Calleigh tells Graziano that the police are tossing his place as they look for the ring; this does not shake him in the slightest. He's all, "Let me know when they're finished. Until then, I think I'll have a drink." Calleigh snaps, "I don't think so. You're coming with us." This is the cue for a deputy who looks as though he only got his learner's permit last week to come up and escort Graziano out of the club.

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