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Horatio Caine, Judge and Jury

Once we're back from commercial, Speedle and Alexx are hunkered around the body while Horatio gives everyone a blow-by-blow of what he's doing. He observes, "A set of expensive clothes meticulously laid out, possibly for a date." Speedle says, "Maybe the doorbell rang and his date had a little surprise for him." That surprise, according to Alexx, "left our vic with severe anal trauma and lacerations in the distal portion of the rectum." Everyone kind of gives a little shudder. Horatio asks about the time of death, and after Alexx gives him the liver temperature, concludes it was around 11 PM the previous night. Speedle then mentions the four or five hairs he's found on the bed. Perhaps we'll explore the significance of those hairs later, but Horatio has no time now. Alexx finds something in the head wound, but before we can talk about this, Vin comes back and tells us the Porsche in the driveway is registered to a Richard Lee Hauschild, and the house is listed under Deveraux Jones. The watch is engraved to a Mr. Zach Kelsey -- so everyone's left wondering who this guy really is.

Meanwhile, in the B-plot, Calleigh and Delko are about to enter a crematorium with someone named Riboul. However, I much prefer the nickname someone on the boards gave her, so henceforth, Detective Riboul is the Caribbean Queen. Now we're sharing the same dream. And if I've put the song in someone's head, my work here is done. Anyway, Calleigh and Delko notice some debris as they walk -- a few broken urns and piles of ashes -- and then Caribbean Queen says, "One dead body, one or more burned bodies in the crematorium. What in the world went on here? Benito Ramon owned the crematorium. A funeral director came by here to drop off one of his customers, called it in." Calleigh circles around the debris and says, "Looks like Benito had a sideline in gold fillings." This is where I display why I'll never be a criminal genius, because I'm all, "What would you do with used gold fillings? Sell them to cut-rate dentists? Is there money in that?" Anyway, Benito had a thing for the fillings. Delko asked if anyone checked the purse, and Caribbean Queen says she did; the ID inside is for Michelle Carter, and the contents are makeup, breath mints, and a dried-out rose. Just then, a uniformed cop bursts through the door and tells everyone they need to take a look outside. What is it, the heartbreak of crabgrass?

No, it's the heartbreak of a giant pile of corpses. Caribbean Queen states the obvious with, "Benito must have been dumping the bodies out here instead of cremating them." Really? And here I thought he had just stocked up at Costco. Calleigh saves me from having to make the current events connection by doing it for me: "It's like Atlanta -- there were over three hundred bodies there." Delko goes over to the pile and notes that they'll be able to ID everyone with the ankle bracelets or toe tags the funeral home provided; Calleigh gives the medical examiner a to-do list that will last her into next month, what with looking over these bodies and all.

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