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Horatio Caine, Judge and Jury

Off in another part of town, Caribbean Queen is leading Calleigh and Delko to Michelle's shallow grave. Delko asks, "Can you believe she was buried under all those bodies?" "I believe it now," says Calleigh. They all hunker down to check out Michelle, who looks pretty good given that she's been marinating under a pile of moldering corpses. Delko wonders if those are scratches all over her face. Alexx replies, "No. Postmortem rodent bites. She might have also been beaten." By the rodents? Who knew the rats around the crematorium were so tough? Alexx then finds something in Michelle's hair. Back in the cool light of the autopsy bay, we see what it is. Or maybe not, as Alexx gets distracted running a UV light all over Michelle's body and noticing multiple fluorescent blotches. Calleigh asks, "What's all over her skin?" Alexx replies, "Looks like paint." "Looks like fluorescent paint," Delko adds. Calleigh concludes, "Looks like the paint they use at Club Canvas. If Michelle worked in the paint, she was a dancer at the club." Delko concludes brokenheartedly that sometimes, people lie.

And now, it's time to watch a profoundly unsympathetic character level murder accusations at the bereaved husband of a rape victim. At least Vin Ethanol has the courtesy to begin with, "We're sorry for your loss." Mr. Johnson asks flatly, "Did you find the guy who did it?" Horatio's all, "We think so." Mr. Johnson replies, "Good. Charge him with murder. Better yet, give me five minutes alone with him." Horatio says, "It would appear someone's beaten you to the punch, Mr. Johnson." Vin butts in with, "Saturday night -- where were you?" Mr. Johnson was out with friends. Horatio tells him, "Someone got revenge on your wife's rapist. Someone who knew he tied up his victims with tape, gagged them, then sodomized them in their own home." Mr. Johnson states, "You think it was me." Horatio replies, "Whoever it was knew an awful lot about what happened to your wife." Mr. Johnson asks quickly, "If it was me, would you blame me?" Horatio wants to know if this is an admission of guilt; it is not. Mr. Johnson then rips the Miami-Dade contingent a new one with, "I thought you brought me in here to tell me something about Judy's case, but you're actually helping the bastard that raped my wife because someone hurt him, right? Are you -- are you really serious?" Vin points out that the MOs match exactly, and Mr. Johnson snaps, "Of course I know how my wife was raped! Every detail. I also know how she died because I'm the one that found her with the scissors still stuck in her arm." Well, that was the wrong thing to say, because now Horatio's all about the scissors and the possibility that they were used to cut the tape that bound Thomas. Mr. Johnson speaks for all of us when he says, "You people are unbelievable." Of course, he's talking about how they seem to care more about his wife's rapist as a victim than about his wife, but the general unbelievable sentiment still works.

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