Full Faith and Credit

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Full Faith and Credit

Al leaves him to greet Langrishe, who announces his ownership of the Chez Amie. He tells Al about Joanie's schoolhouse stipulations. "That should go up prior," Al says, "not to interrupt the fucking teachin'." Jack smirks. "Your law-giving tone," he says, "is noted." He looks over to see Dolly working her magic on him, again, and comments that she has a lovely smile. "She sucks my prick," Al says, remembering the utter failure of his earlier BJM. "Her methods deserted her completely." Jack suggests that varying the hour of his, er, Dolly activities, might produce a different result. "What's the hour's relevance?" Al asks, angrily. "It's her technique's fuckin' awry." He waves Jack off, saying he's got to go have his ear pissed in, says he's glad about the new theater, and walks off. "Thank you, young man. Glad you're still amongst us," Jack calls after him. "Nor, one imagines, is the local creek rife with oysters." Haw? I can only assume this is an aphrodisiac reference to Al's sexual issues, but it's so weirdly tacked on as the last part of Jack's suggestion about varying the hour, that I had to pretty much write out the whole paragraph and diagram that mess to figure it out. And I'm not completely sure I'm right.

"I'm on board, Bullock," Steve is saying as he looks over the livery agreement down at Nuttall's. He makes a big show of thanking the sheriff for his hard work on the matter, but the ASS won't SIGN the thing. Bullock is so through with this crap, he smacks Steve in the mouth AGAIN and chokes up on his shirt collar AGAIN. Ah, but now Nuttall's is full, and Steve is not going to be caught in front of all these hooples signing the agreement before Hostetler. I'm with the NG -- I've got a bad feeling about all of this.

Back at the Gem, Al's getting his ear pissed in. Dan's feelings are hurt, he says, over Al choosing Adams to be his second. Once again, Al has to placate one of his boys and their PMSy moods. "Fucking point is," Al repeatedly tries to explain, "you'd never go against me. Tolliver knows. I need someone he don't know that about." Dan says that though he and Al have never been through stuff with Adams as they have with each other, he doesn't think Silas would go agin' them. Al agrees. He pauses before sighing heavily. "Fuckin' Doc," he says. "What's his problem?" Dan asks. Al: "Think he's a fuckin' lunger." Dan can hardly stand it. "Jesus Christ," he says quickly, shaking his head. "It is one fuckin' thing after another."

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