Full Faith and Credit

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Full Faith and Credit

Al makes his way back onto the saloon floor, passing Dolly. "Observe a decent interval," he says, not looking at her, "and we'll give it another fuckin' whirl."

Bullock is stuck, frozen in front of the hardware store. The crazy gleam in his eye is indicative of his absolute fatigue related to this livery crap. Sol comes out of the store and sees him there. "Keep 'em separate. Agree on a time tomorrow when their dicks will be down," Sol says. "Have 'em sign simultaneous." Bullock turns to face him, smiling, and Sol shrugs as if to say "you should have asked me in the first place."

Ellsworth and Sophia are playing checkers as Mrs. E looks out the window. Ellsworth proudly tells the little girl how lovely Alma was at the bank, and how strong and important a business woman she is. Alma smiles until she sees Leon skulking around outside across the way. "I'll take the air just briefly," she tells her family, going out, presumably, to meet her dealer. "I'll continue," Ellsworth says, so happy, "to get beaten at checkers." Dammit, dammit. When I said it would be interesting for Alma to get back on the junk, I really did not mean at the expense of Ellsworth. Boo.

Mose keeps watch over Joanie's place while she and Jane drink inside. They must be talking about where they'll live after the Chez Amie is sold, because without provocation, Jane boozily says that "any fucking domicile but the graveyard suits me fine. Don't you worry about me. I got things taken care of over here." Joanie is quiet. I don't know, either," Joanie says. She is more firm when she says that what she does know is that Jane is welcome wherever she goes. Jane is moved. She strides to Joanie and takes her hand and shakes it. I wait for them to embrace, but Jane backs away. She covers her emotion with a joke, asking if Mose is invited to their new destination. "'Cause I think you'd have to widen some doorways, if he is." Joanie says she hasn't talked to Mose about it. "Well, he can be watchman, then," Jane says, officially. "I have no issue with that." As much to herself as to Jane, Joanie says they will figure the rest out when the time comes. They stand there for another minute in this profound silence before Jane breaks it to ask "where would the stage be?" Joanie says she doesn't know. "Yeah," Jane says, "I don't know either. Ain't our line, I guess."

The Bullocks are in bed. Hot married action! No, sorry. They are holding hands, though, and he has been telling her about his ridiculous day. "Please see that no harm comes to that horse," she asks. He says he will and sighs. "And then," he goes on, "after their watches were synchronized, another hour studying them like idiots to see if one gained on the other." Poor Bullock. He sighs again, and remembering the one who helped him out this evening, says his friend's name: "Sol."

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