Full Faith and Credit

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Full Faith and Credit

Bullock returns to Nuttall's with Steve. He tells Tom to keep Steve there and walks back out. Steve starts his bullshit again, and Tom has to tell him to shut up. Right on. Poor Nuttall, man. How did he get elected to babysit this mess? Why wouldn't they do it anywhere else?

Over at the livery, Hostetler is trying to run off the NG. "Yeah, that's why I come back with you, Hostetler," the little man says, rolling his eyes, "to worsen my chances when I try to flee." They are interrupted by Bullock who is just now striding up from the No. 10. "I was coming to find you once I had the horse cleaned," Hostetler starts before Bullock can say anything. "This is the horse that hurt your boy. We collected him and we brung him back." Bullock is intense, but not angry. "He died," he says, of William. Hostetler and the NG look sick. Hostetler, with dignity, says that Bullock can blame him for the death. The NG jumps in to explain that they had taken precautions, but that the castration of the horse has just gone wrong, but Hostetler shushes him. "I collected the horse and brought him back," Hostetler says to Bullock. "I'm back, too. You say what you think is right." Every single day, every single conversation is a trial of fairness for Hostetler. You have to feel for him. Bullock, as sad as he must be, is equally interested in fairness. He tells them he won't act against them for an accident, that he's come to talk about the livery. "Your boy..." Hostetler says. "I'm as sorry as I can be. I hope you will take that to his mother for me." He says that he is sorry, also, for running away from the livery. The NG pipes up again. "Wanting not to be killed will put you to some difficult choices," he says and I am again struck at how some scripts of Deadwood could easily be repackaged into like, pocket volumes of Chicken Soup for Cocksuckers & Hooples. Seriously, sometimes these nuggets of wisdom would come in handy at the odd staff meeting or the like. Bullock points out, with no irony towards the shared past of these three men, that Steve has been looking after the livery. Hostetler says yes, it seems like he's done a good job, too. I wish here the NG would bust in like, "Oh, yeah, like he did a good job that day when he TARRED me. Or that other time when we caught him getting busy with the leg of a horse. He's great. Tell Steve to suck my dick," but, uh, he doesn't. Bullock asks Hostetler if there's any chance all this can be resolved without hell breaking loose between them, and Hostetler says, as far as he's concerned, hell does not have to break loose.

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