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The Inner Fright

Vahklas. B'Stiller prowls into the observatory and asks T'Pol about her meditation-free dreams while handing her a cup of chamomile tea. Once it becomes apparent that T'Pol isn't exactly leaping at the chance to dissect her dreams with him, B'Stiller tells her, "It will get easier. Tonight will be less disturbing." T'Pol informs him that she plans to go back to her meditation grind that very evening, but B'Stiller argues against that while literally backing T'Pol into a corner. T'Pol tries to return to work, but B'Stiller won't give up. "Tell me about your dreams. Your emotions were closer to the surface, it must've been intense," he oozes. ["Oh, please. 'Intense'? Go listen to a T'Dead bootleg, B'Stiller." -- Sars] T'Pol tells him, agitated, "It involved a memory. I was walking down a street in San Francisco on Earth." "And she wandered into the Castro. And she heard music. And suddenly everyone was doing the YMCA," Mathra chortles. B'Stiller puts his face really close to T'Pol's and asks her why she left the Vulcan compound. T'Pol tells him she was "curious about human recreation" and wanted to "see it for [her]self." "So you broke protocol," B'Stiller states. T'Pol explains that, as it was late and every Vulcan was snug in their beds with visions of logic dancing in their heads, she didn't think there would be any harm in slipping out. B'Stiller asks her where she went. "I simply walked," T'Pol tells him, "Then I heard music." "Music?" B'Stiller asks. "It was unusual. Chaotic. But I was drawn to it," T'Pol continues. "Go on," B'Stiller says, breathing heavily. She tells him she went into a restaurant "where musicians were playing," and sat at a table. B'Stiller asks how she felt. T'Pol says she can't recall. "Try!" B'Stiller urges. T'Pol tells him, "I felt…invigorated." Maybe she should lay off the Herbal Essences. "Emotion!" B'Stiller gasps out. "You felt emotion." T'Pol says, "Briefly," and turns away, telling him that the musicians finished playing and she went back to the compound. B'Stiller tells her, "You could feel that way again, T'Pol. It isn't difficult and it's nothing to be afraid of. I can show you how."

Engineering. Quantum asks Trip to meddle in Kov's personal life since he's been hanging out with him a lot. Trip says he'll try, even if it won't be as easy as pecan pie. Quantum brings up another subject -- which is also none of his business, so, of course, it's been weighing heavily on his mind -- and asks Trip what he thinks of B'Stiller. Trip says he hasn't gotten to know him, but he seems quiet and "a little sullen." Quantum states that T'Pol's been spending a lot of time with him. "Is that a problem?" Trip asks. Seriously. You were the one who encouraged her to interact with the Hippie Vulcans AND you gave her an assignment on their ship, Cpt. Hey, Jealousy. Quantum observes that T'Pol wasn't keen on the Hippie Vulcans when they first arrived, "I practically had to order her to work with them [uh, you did order her to work with them, there's no "practically" about it]. Now, they're almost inseparable." Trip comments that Quantum's beginning to sound a mite jealous. Quantum slings him A Look, and Trip hastens to say, "If I was the only human on a ship full of Vulcans, and we ran into an Earth vessel, I'd be spending as much time with them as I could. She likes being around her own kind -- who doesn't?" Quantum looks to be in need of Tums, and tells Trip to let him know more intimate details of Kov's private life when he's able to drag it out of the poor kid.

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