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The Inner Fright

Babushka T'Pol tries to turn away, but B'Stiller stops her, saying, "Don't hold them back." Babushka T'Pol gets up from the café table, saying she has to get back to the compound. B'Stiller grabs her wrist and says, "You're anxious, it's just another emotion." "Let me go," Babushka T'Pol insists. "Stay with me, T'Pol," B'Stiller says, warningly. Babushka T'Pol struggles against B'Stiller in the café and then with him in her quarters on Enterprise, trying to break the mind-meld. "Stop," T'Pol whimpers. "No!" B'Stiller gasps, as the jazz gets louder and louder, and they both shake with the effort of the mind-meld. A vein pops out on T'Pol's temple and she grips B'Stiller's hand, forces it from her face, and then shoves him across the room, rasping, "Stop!" They both gasp and wheeze. "This was a mistake," T'Pol trembles. "You've made progress," B'Stiller tells her hoarsely. "Don't give up now," he adds, almost tauntingly. "Please go," T'Pol says, trying to pull herself to her feet. "T'Pol," B'Stiller starts to say. "Leave!" she commands him. "You're feeling anger," B'Stiller tells her, near tears, "Your emotions are breaking the surface. Embrace them." T'Pol stares him down, and finally he gets to his feet. "What a shame," he throws over his shoulder as he leaves. T'Pol falls to the floor and drags herself to her desk. "T'Pol to Sick Bay," she says and puts her face down on the console. Wow. Anyone else have a migraine? Let's put aside the fact that I am shocked at how well-directed this scene actually turned out to be, because it is completely ruined by how disgusted I am with Brannon Braga's comment: "[W]e have a show coming up where T'Pol gets nasty with a Vulcan. And that's a real sexy show." Yeah, what is tantamount to rape in this episode is real sexy, big man.

Engineering. Kov and Trip argue about whether or not Kov has the right to make his own decisions about his family life. They have an interlude of technobabble before Trip decides to subtly attack the unsuspecting Kov from another angle. "Do Vulcans dance?" Trip asks suddenly. Kov just looks at him. "You know," Trip says, jiggling a bit from his crouching position. Kov tells him that Vulcans only dance for rituals and ceremonies. The French Horns Of Memory Lane pipe as Trip recalls the very first dance he ever went to in elementary school: "The girl I had a crush on, Melissa Lyles, was going to be there. So I spent weeks practicing the two-step with my brother. I wanted to make sure I was ready. She was wearing a red dress that night. [Elementary school kids went to dances at night?] Prettiest girl there. All I wanted to do was ask her to dance with me, but I never worked up the courage to go over and talk to her. I caught her looking at me a couple times, but I ended up just standing in a corner with my buddies." Kov thinks for a bit and decides that Trip is right; he should go home to Vulcan and ask T'Peggy Sue to T'Prom. Actually, Kov is funnier than that and says, "Interesting, but what does that have to do with our thruster problem?" Without missing a beat, Trip tells Kov, "It's been more than twenty years and I'm still kicking myself for not asking that girl to dance. You probably don't know this, but regret is one of the strongest emotions. And one of the saddest." Trip seems to know Kov inside and out as he tells the Vulcan man-child that he thinks Kov hasn't experienced regret yet, but he's about to. "It's something you might want to avoid," Trip says, looking off into the distant space around engineering.

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