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Pam gets a call at her desk and her reaction is immediate. As soon as she hangs up she announces with great urgency, "Everybody! The balloon is falling!" As everyone rushes out of the bullpen, we get a TH from Pam in which she explains that a helium balloon has been floating in the warehouse rafters forever. Soon everyone's gathered to watch a normal old Mylar helium balloon slowly drifting to the floor. Oscar remembers when the balloon first went up. "I was still with Gil. We were so happy." Kevin: "I had hair like Rapunzel." Dwight: "My Warcraft clan was still in speaking terms." Meredith: "My kid didn't have a face tattoo." Darryl: "I was still thinking of going back to school." Jim: "I was still just a paper salesman." And look at him now. Me: "Funny stuff still happened on this show." Dwight blames Pam for their current sad mood, and the next thing we see is Darryl crushing the balloon with the forklift in front of the bloodthirsty crowd. That'll teach it.

Jim and Pam show up in the morning with an extra egg sandwich from the drive-thru and while he's trying to decide who do give it to, Nellie walks in and grabs it, taking a big bite. "You call that a King James breakfast pie?" she demands disgustedly. Jim's so surprised to see her in town that he can't even choke out a negative response, so Nellie explains to him -- and everyone else who may or may not remember her from her interview last year -- that she's going to be working there. In a talking head, Dwight is horrified that Nellie can even show her face here after the Sabre Store debacle. "I should know, I'm in an identical situation." Toby (accidentally introducing himself as "Tony") says that Robert mentioned Nellie's imminent arrival and offers to find her an empty desk. "That one looks empty," Nellie says and charges right into Andy's office. And from the spot where Michael and Andy and Deangelo and Creed and I don't even know who else have done so many THs, Nellie explains her philosophy ion business: "If the seat is open, the job is open. It's how I came to briefly race a Formula One car."

We check in with Erin in Tallahassee, bragging about how she gets to clean all five rooms of Irene's house. "Her grandson's staying with us too, because he ran out of money." In other words, she couldn't be happier.

Robert walks into Andy's office and offers to find Nellie "something fun to do." Nellie explains that she's the new manager and when Robert mildly points out that they already have one of those, Nellie argues that it's ten o'clock and in the hour she's been sitting in the chair, nobody has sat in her lap. Robert steps out to the bullpen to wonder where Andy is and gets on his cell phone to call him into work. Andy claims that he's sick, and hangs up midsentence, because he's currently standing ankle-deep in the Atlantic Ocean mid-shave with his tie still on. Although I suspect that the Atlantic is being played by the Pacific. "I'm in Florida to get Erin," he says and tells us that he got in his car and didn't stop until he hit the ocean. "My heart is my map." I half expect to see his Prius wallowing in the surf when the camera zooms out, but he just adds, "Turns out Tallahassee is two hundred miles inland so I overshot a good amount. But still, not bad for a heart map, right?" Back in Scranton, Robert says it's out of their hands until Andy gets there. Jim asks if Robert can't do anything and Robert simply responds, "Sometimes the flowers arrange themselves, Jim." First of all Robert, no they don't. Secondly, the "C" in "CEO" does not stand for "contrivance." Jim, in a TH: "What is going on? And where is Andy? And what is going on?"

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