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Irene and her disreputable-looking grandson Glenn come out of the front door to find a big box in the yard addressed to Erin with the handwritten label "Cupid Express." When Erin comes out from the bathroom (lying to Irene that she washed her hands), Andy pops up out of the box with a bouquet of flowers and singing the chorus from "Signed, Sealed, Delivered." Once the little party has moved inside the house, Andy tells Erin that he's there to take her back to Scranton because he loves her. "Where's the ring, Lancelot?" Irene demands. Erin asks Irene and Glenn to give them the room for a minute and tells Andy that while she's happy to see him, she's not coming back with him. Down the hall, Andy overhears Glenn whispering about why Erin won't go with him. "Maybe because he's not that handsome," Irene whispers back. Erin tells Andy not to listen. As though she ever liked him for his looks anyway.

Nellie's got the troops in the conference room with this semi-rhetorical question on the flip chart: "What is going on?" She incorrectly guesses Kevin's name as "Chumbo," and announces that she's their new manager. Pam turns to Robert for corroboration, but he only wants to sit back and watch it play out. He THs that it's a good break to the rhythm. "Who is this woman?" he asks, also semi-rhetorically. Back in the conference room, Nellie -- acting offended at the employees' reticence -- announces that since her first attempt to get to know them didn't work, she's about to give them performance reviews based entirely on first impressions.

At Irene's place, she, Erin, Andy and Glenn are gathered around the table for a lunch that includes hot dogs boiled in water that Erin's been reusing all week. Irene asks Andy how his "skinny brunette girlfriend" feels about him visiting his ex-[skinny brunette] girlfriend. Andy says he and... what's her name? Jessica? Aren't really dating any more... not that he's made it official yet. Irene stands up and tries to send Andy away, but he insists that when he came to his realization, he jumped in the car and didn't stop until he saw Erin again. Erin is clearly moved, but she hides her reaction with a sarcastic retort: "You didn't even stop to pee? Gross." That actually wasn't bad, for Erin.

Up in Scranton, Pam's trying to reach Andy, but repeatedly getting his musical voice mail greeting. That's because in Tallahassee, Andy's ignoring his phone. Or at least he is until Irene's grandson picks it up and answers, "Proctology." Suddenly Jim's on speaker, asking where Andy is. Andy claims to have "the serious poops," but Irene loudly interjects that he's in Tallahassee, "Trying to turn my life upside down." Jim, who can certainly sympathize with that right now, tells Andy that Nellie's trying to take his job. Andy appreciates the warning, but insists that he isn't coming home without Erin. Too bad Nellie didn't spot the empty Reception desk first.

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