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Harbor Lights

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Harbor Lights

Dr. George is talking to Dr. Carr. Dr. George can't believe Carr never noticed that Max had such unusual DNA. Carr says that he never had any need to do blood work on her. Carr picks up a tabloid with a mutant story on the cover (the same one that the dude in line at the gas truck was reading) and scoffs that Dr. George thinks Max is a mutant. Dr. George tells Carr all about Manticore. Carr tells Dr. George that he's seen too many science-fiction movies. Some lackey hollers over that Linda Eastman has escaped.

Max creeps through the hospital hallways, clutching her bullet wound. She steals a gauze pad to press against the bloody wound, and grimaces in pain. A sign above her tells us that she is near the morgue.

Two security guys in full riot gear follow Max's bloody footprints into the morgue. They start pulling sheets off stiffs. Max hides on the lower shelf of a gurney, and waits until the security guys to pass by her before exiting the room.

Logan listens in on the security guy's conversation via his Magic Laptop. They says that they can't find Linda Eastman. Logan's phone rings. It's Max. Logan asks if she's all right. Max asks if he was the one sending her messages on her monitor. Max is getting dressed into regular clothes as she talks to Logan, and asks him to find her another exit. Logan is working on it, but hospital security has all the exits blocked. The phone starts squealing and gets all staticky, and Logan's laptop freezes up. Logan explains that every time the news media starts broadcasting, it interferes with the signal. Max can hardly hear him. Logan stares at the news van and tells Max to get to the roof as fast as she can. Max can't really understand him, because he's breaking up. The call disconnects. Max stands and hears security guards closing in on her. She sneaks into a duct of some sort.

Logan walks up to the news van and knocks on the window. He tells the driver that he needs to get in touch with the station's traffic guy. The driver is so not interested in helping. Logan grabs the guy by the lapels and says, "It's an emergency." Ooh, Logan. You're so tough with your lapel-grabbing! It must be the new hairstyle.

Max exits the duct and finds herself…somewhere. She looks as confused as I feel. She walks around, presumably looking for an exit or a way to the roof. She sees a window and heads for it. It's in a door, labeled "roof access." Just then two security guards show up and says that they're under strict orders to keep her confined to the facility. One of them orders Max to put her hands up. Just then, both of them are shot by White. Max runs away. White yells out that he's on Max's side, and he killed the guards to protect both of them. Then White asks what would happen if the CDC found out what Max really was. Max wonders what would happen if they found out about White's "little breeding program." White says again that he's trying to help her. Max points out that he sent Nurse Betty to kill her. White couldn't take the risk that Max might decide to talk. Max tries to hide as White stalks around, looking for her. White says that the only way to keep the CDC from discovering who Max really is would be for him to help her escape. Max isn't buying it. White says that someone might have heard the gunshots, and will be there any minute. Max picks up a screw or bolt or something and tosses it aside to try to divert White's attention. He doesn't go for it, and runs over to where Max is hiding. Or was. By the time he gets there, she's gone. White tells Max that the CDC is her enemy, and his enemy too, so they should work together. Max hides some more. White promises to put his gun down, and says that Max should come out. He starts reciting some Latin for no apparent reason, and then says that he went to law school. What is this, group therapy? He takes the clip out of his gun and sets the clip and the gun on the ground. Max hops out of her hiding spot. White waits for her to come out with one hand on the secondary gun in his holster. Max sneaks up behind White and cuffs him with a metal pipe, then takes off for the roof. White follows close behind.

White walks around the roof, looking for Max. She sneaks up on him again. They fight. He keeps kicking her in the stomach, where her bullet wound is. Finally, he picks up his gun and delivers the bad-guy speech to allow more time for Logan's daring rescue. Which happens…now. Logan got his traffic friend to loan him a helicopter, which comes roaring up over the building. Max takes advantage of White's momentary distraction to kick the gun out of his hand and knock him down. She runs over to the helicopter. White belly-crawls after her, which is very funny-looking. Logan yells to Max to take his hand. She hesitates because, you know, the virus and all. But he has gloves on, so I guess it's okay. The helicopter takes off. White empties his clip in the helicopter's general direction. In the helicopter, Max sits on Logan's lap, which seems like it would transmit the virus or something. Oh well.

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