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I went overboard with the recaplet, so I'm going to plagiarize myself here and there, in an attempt to keep this weecap wee (or at least quicker for me). This week's Event O' the Week is preparation for next week's Event O' the Week -- the annual decade dance. Caroline shows up in the MFHS gym, only to find Rebekah has usurped her, to the point of changing the theme decade from the 1970s to the 1920s. When Matt sides with Rebekah over her decade choice (admittedly, so do I), Caroline swans off, but when Matt chases her out to the parking lot, they reveal it's all a ruse they worked out beforehand. Tyler is back in town, and Caroline wants the day off from preparation so she can see him again. She asks Matt to keep Rebekah busy and keep himself safe. Matt struggles to find the right words as he asks Caroline to tell Tyler he says, "Hi." All I want to say is that if Matt has to wear a shirt, he should always wear the blue one he has on right now. Well, right now, he has a jacket on over it, which kind of ruins the effect, but back inside the gym? Hello, Pudding Pop pecs!

Mossy Manse. Stefan brings a bottle of something to Alaric. They figure getting him soused will speed up the process of him passing out, which may allow Evilaric to come to the fore. I have to ask, why hasn't anyone tried compulsion? Okay, clearly that's because it's not in the script, but since the writers want Evilaric, and they want to give us some parallels between Stefan and Alaric, there should be a throwaway line in here about how they tried compelling Evilaric to come out, and it didn't work, or that they don't have time to allow the vervain to leave his system, or something. Without it, this whole plot just makes Stefan, Damon and Alaric (and soon, Klaus) look even dumber than usual. I'd include Elena in there, but I'm quite sure no one told Our Lady of Compassionate Yet Questionable Judgment that Plan B involves torture.

Anyhow, Alaric wonders why Stefan's the one staying behind to babysit him, while Damon takes a trip with Elena. Aw, is Ric is getting bromantic for Damon, again? Stefan implies that if getting Ric to pass out doesn't summon Evilaric, he's going to have to get rough with his willing prisoner. Alaric says, "So you're worried you're going to have to torture it out of me. And you don't think Damon could have done that?" Actually, Ric, I don't. Damon could (has, and may yet again) kill you, but I don't think he could torture you. He wuvs you beary much.

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