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Heart of Darkness

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Inside, Rebekah finds Esther waiting for her. Rebekah Stealth Salvatores up to mumsy, pushes her against the wall, and gives her the trademark Vampire Diaries throttle. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you right now." Esther answers, "Because I'm dying." Hey, why not speed up the process?

No Tell Motel. Rose says she enjoys life on the other side. Being a teenaged boy, Germ gives Elena and Damon the CliffsNotes version of most of her answers. Damon asks if Rose is still hot. Rose says, "Tell him he's still dripping with sex, too." Jeremy gives her an Ain't Gonna Happen look, so Rose relents. "Fine, tell him I miss him [...] and tell him I'm rooting for him and Elena." Jeremy says, "She... misses both of you." Hee! Rose says she was sired by a Mary Porter. Damon says, "Ah, Scary Mary." Rose doesn't know where Mary is, but she'll try to find out.

Mossy Manse, Dungeon. Alaric and Stefan wonder if Damon and Elena have gotten to Jeremy yet. Stefan mentions that Elena's worried about her little bro. "Now that she can't count on his ring anymore." And see my earlier sidebar about this, because I really enjoyed this episode, and don't want to revisit a rant I just ranted. BUT YOU KNOW, SHOW, IF YOU WERE PRESSED FOR TIME, SHE COULD HAVE HANDED HIM A BOTTLE OF BONNIE'S SPECIAL HERBS AND GERM COULD HAVE HAD A ONE-OFF LINE ABOUT THE RING. JUST SAYIN'...

Starting again. Ahem. Alaric jokes that maybe Jeremy's alter-ego is a pot-smoking hippie pacifist. Isn't that just his regular ego, or possibly even id? I've got to stop thinking about Germ and the ring. Change the subject, fellas. Alaric obliges and mentions he can't believe his own alter-ego is hostile and militant. Stef points out that since Isobel left Ric to become a vampire and Jenna was killed by one, his alter-ego makes sense. Ric says, "He must really hate me. Here I am, the failed-hunter-slash-drinking-buddy of vampires." What bothers Ric the most is that his alter-ego is him. He's not compelled or possessed. There's no "humanity switch." Stefan argues that the alter-ego isn't the sum of Alaric. He's the darkest part of him, and we all have those darkest parts.

And you know how I said I'm sick of the Originals? Well scratch that, because just now, Klaus pops in and mocks these mopey-moos, saving me the trouble. "Well, this is depressing, isn't it?" Goodness, yes. Klaus found one Son of White Oak stake upstairs. He'd like the other and isn't in the mood to wait for Alaric to pass out. He'll just kill Ric instead. Stefan says, "Well then you won't know the location of the other stake." Klaus says he can live with that. Stefan explains the whole deal about how killing an Original kills an entire bloodline. Klaus is all, "So the fate of the entire vampire race depends on you finding a stake, and to get it, we need [Alaric] to pass out, which means I feel totally justified in doing this." He Stealth Salvatores past Stefan and breaks Alaric's neck. Yes, another sidebar.

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