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Something Sidebar: Okay, so Klaus doesn't care about the last stake when he thinks it can kill him or one of his siblings, but he does care when he thinks it could wipe out all vampires from one line. Why? What's the difference from Klaus's perspective, here? If he was worried about himself, or his hybrids, I could buy that. But he's suddenly concerned about the "whole vampire race" -- really? And by the way, his listening and memory skills suck, because one stake cannot kill the whole race, since it burns up while killing an Original. At most, one stake can kill one bloodline. Dear heaven, I can't wait 'til the end of this season.

No Tell Motel, Exterior. Damon's returning from the ice machine when Stefan calls and informs him that Klaus got impatient and snapped ring-wearing Ric's neck. Damon figures Kol reported back to Klaus that Elena and Damon are in Denver. Stefan says that when Alaric wakes up, if he isn't Evilaric, he'll do whatever it takes to make him Evilaric. He then asks Damon if they've had any luck with Rose. Damon says they're stuck in "this motel" until Rose gets back to them. Stefan's all, "A...motel." Damon says they had to get away from Kol. He'll call Stefan when he knows more.

Inside the motel room, Jeremy asks Elena what's up with her and Damon. Elena tries to pretend that there's nothing, but Jeremy tells her Rose said something. Damon enters the room before Jeremy can offer specifics, and asks the Gilberts if everything is okay in there. Elena lies that it's fine. Damon says he's going to freshen up and suggests the siblings get some sleep until Rose returns.

Klaus Haus. Rebekah doesn't understand how Esther could be dying, since the witch Ayana preserved her body with a spell. Esther answers that when Abby died, her connection to the Bennet line was severed, so now she's weakening. Rebekah's not interested in keeping her murderous mummy company during her last hours. Esther argues that she's spent a thousand years watching over Rebekah through good times and bad. Not a day has gone by that she wasn't right there with her daughter. Rebekah says, "And yet you still tried to kill me?" Esther: "Because it shouldn't have been a thousand years, Rebekah. No one should live that long." Rebekah says she hasn't lived at all. Okay, I know I'm supposed to be touched, but if Rebekah hasn't managed to make hay while the sun shone for however many of the thousand years she's been around, that's her own damned fault. Elijah's lived. Klaus has lived. Klaus kept Rebekah with him and daggered her here and there, but please get off the pity pot, Becky. I am so sick of your whining. Esther tells Rebekah she's "so so sorry" and takes her daughter's hands. Esther starts to tremble and falls to the floor. Rebekah looks down at her. Klaus enters and asks what's going on. Rebekah says, "She's dead."

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