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When we return from break, the couple is still kissing when Jeremy walks outside. He looks around for some brain bleach, but can't find any, so he says, "Elena?!" She pulls back from Damon. "Oh, my God. Jeremy. Hi." Jeremy looks for the brain bleach again, then says, "Rose found Mary. She lives in Kansas. Damon looks more than a little annoyed, but says, "Okay, then. Let's go." He walks back to the room, leaving Jeremy staring at his sister. He sighs, shakes his head and follows Damon. Once he's gone, Elena's sheepish face breaks into smile that it takes her a second to cover.

Mossy Manse, Dungeon. Stefan has read through nearly all of Moby Dick. I wonder if the anvil fairy has hit him over the head, yet. Alaric revives. He's still not Evilaric, so he takes off his protect-o ring and tells Stefan he hopes his dark side has a sense of self-preservation. Stefan scoffs at the idea of killing Alaric, but Ric says if they're going to have any chance at this, Stefan will have to try. Let the beatings begin.

Kansas. Yes, Damon, Elena and Jeremy drive some 200 to 400 miles (or more) east and yet it's still dark when they reach Mary Porter's house. Elena tells Jeremy to wait outside. Jeremy: "Why, so you two can make out some more?" Damon: "Don't be a dick. Listen to your sister." When Germ turns back toward the car, Damon calls out a patronizing little, "Thank you." Fans have pointed out that it's stupid that Elena goes in, since Mary is another old vampire and therefore more powerful than Damon. They're not wrong but I'm not holding this contrivance against the episode. It's worth the pay-off we soon get.

Mary's house is dark and full of junk. Damon cracks something about "vampire hoarders" and tells Elena that "Scary Mary" is "very old and super creepy." And apparently he slept with her, once upon a time. After Elena finishes rolling her eyes at him, they hear a noise coming from another room. Opening the door, they find Mary quite dead -- staked to her own crumbling wall -- with a broken baseball bat. Damon says, "Mary." From behind them, Kol's voice finishes: "Quite contrary." He flips on the light to reveal he's got his aluminum baseball bat with him.

Mossy Manse Dungeon. Stefan's beating up Alaric, but it's not working. When Stef realizes he's drawn blood, he starts to vamp out, and says he has to stop. He can't resist the blood. Alaric pretty much tells him to sack up. If he wants the answers from Alaric's darkest side, he's going to have to tap into his own. Alaric tells Stefan to try and kill him, because that's the only way Evilaric will come out. I am not your action recapper. Suffice it to say, eventually Stefan vamps out and throws Ric against the wall. Evilaric comes out and taunts Stefan for being so weak. "Look at you. One of nature's most hideous creatures, and you can't even get that right." Stefan looks at him. "You." Evilaric answers back: "Me." Commercial break: "Us!"

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