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Bad Bromance

Jesse meets Fi out in the sticks somewhere, and she wants to poke at the scab some more, until Jesse impatiently lets her off the hook for being loyal to Michael. "We're cool, all right? You're not the one I have the issue with." Failing to take a hint, Fi offers to talk about Michael, but Jesse changes the subject to the gig. Fi says they're meeting a guy named Stuart, who tried to buy a gun from a friend of hers, but "he was so upset, my friend gave him my number instead of the gun." They find Stuart near the remote dock he apparently lives on, looking pretty beat-up. He tells them a story about his sister Stephanie, who apparently took up with a Venezuelan diplomat named Marco and moved to Caracas, whereupon the guy turned out to be not only corrupt but also a woman-beater. So Stuart went and got her, but Marco stole her back and is holding her somewhere in Miami, and the cops are no help due to Marco's diplomatic immunity (over and above the fact of how useless Miami cops are on this show). Fi promises to get her back, and Stuart wants in on the operation when it's time to go in. Fi and Jesse head out, presumably waiting until later to tell him he's not invited.

While Sam makes a cell phone call to "Marv -- Jesse's Old Handler," Michael VOs about how it's easiest to blackmail people who are basically good. "If someone's made a mistake he regrets, it's easy to make him regret it even more." Sam poses as Chuck Finley, PI, and makes a reference to July 2003 and someone named Sally Baker. "Just be on the first flight out tomorrow. I'll fill you in." Marv agrees way too easily, but I guess watching them argue about it over the phone wouldn't be terribly interesting. Because Bruce Campbell and Richard Kind are such losers.

Jesse and Fi are staking out Marco's place, which is the usual type of suburban fortress setup with high walls and armed goons around a palatial house. Fi wants to go in packing, as always, but Jesse suggests an alternate plan involving another car. One of these days they're just going to let her go, and she's going to say, "Oh, fine, fuck it, let's do it your way .I don't even bother bringing bullets to these things any more." Next thing we know, Jesse is following one of Marco's SUVs in a borrowed Mustang, then crashes it on purpose and goes walking up to the gate acting all wounded (complete with a tiny trickle of blood from his head) while he takes in the whole security setup. "Marco -- Dirty Diplomat" comes out his own self, wondering what's going on while Jesse continues to make a scene, walking right in through the front door acting like he needs the phone. Marco hands him a wad of bills to get rid of him while Jesse keeps wandering around babbling like he's concussed and completely lacking in social skills, getting a load of the view out the back door, until Marco sticks a gun in his face and tells him he's leaving. "I'm just gonna leave," he agrees.

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Burn Notice




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