House Vs. God

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House Vs. God

House enters Boyd's domain, and starts in with the jokes, asking Boyd whether he's okay with being called a "faith healer," or if he'd prefer something like "divine health manager." "I'm okay with 'faith healer,' Dr. House," Boyd replies. But his knowledge of House's name wasn't through divine intervention -- as Boyd reports, the nurses talk about House quite often. House says it's because he keeps a sock in his pants, but I'll bet it's more along the lines of Evil Nurse Brenda (who hasn't been seen nearly enough this season) plotting his slow and painful death, and the rest of the staff trying to urge her on without getting themselves implicated as accessories to the crime. House accuses Boyd of mistaking faith for ignorance and blind trust, but Boyd counters that he loves God, and therefore, he trusts him and has faith in him: "You can't love somebody and not trust him." I guess that depends on whether or not she'd cut off your leg while you were in a coma. House says that he'd rather let people and deities earn his trust. So far, it would seem that no one has actually been able to achieve this goal.

House asks Boyd if he's doing drugs, and Boyd denies it, saying that he only takes aspirin every once in a while when he has a headache. As Boyd's dad wanders in with a bottle of water, House asks Boyd how hospitals and aspirins are okay with him, but he expects his followers to forego medical care in favor of prayer. Boyd replies that believing in germs and the Lord are not mutually exclusive for him. He takes a sip from his water bottle, and House notices that Boyd's water bottle isn't brand-new, but refilled. House asks Boyd how much water he drinks, and Boyd's father answers that Boyd likes to stay hydrated, so he drinks a hell of a lot of it, between three and four water bottles every hour. Apparently, having to pee all the time is very godly.

Meanwhile, over at the rarely- seen Oncology wing, Wilson is doing the even more rarely- seen activity of his job. He tells his young female patient that the only solution he has to her problems is to up her pain medication. She protests: "We both know the only reason I'm talking lucidly now is because I did not take my full dose this morning." Despite Wilson's best efforts, the woman says, her fight is over. Wilson's suggestion for terminal cancer patient care is that she see Florence like she's always wanted, but she says that going there in her condition wouldn't exactly be a dream vacation. Wilson gets nice and close to her, and says that he's sure they can find the right combination of pain medication for her that will allow her head to be clear so that she can at least enjoy the last days of her life. With that, House comes knocking at the door, and Wilson has to excuse himself.

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