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House Vs. God

Wilson walks out to the balcony, and asks House to wait until his appointment is over. "Is she dying?" House asks. "Yeah," Wilson responds. "Before the end of this consult?" House asks, because he always has to win. Wilson is exasperated, but he still stays outside to talk to House about Boyd. House is more concerned about Boyd's expert ability to figure people out based on the way they act and not because God tells him, rather than Boyd's current medical condition. Wilson doesn't really see how House and Boyd are all that different, except for the fact that people seem to really like Boyd and no one likes House. Wilson tells House to cut to the chase about Boyd's medical info so that he can go back to his patient, and House says that Boyd's cramps and low sodium levels can be explained away by his massive water intake. He didn't call Wilson out to talk about Boyd's health problems, but to rant that people are ignorant, weak, and stupid for needing religion in their lives. Wilson goes back to his patient while House screams at the citizens of the world to stop living in their holes.

Of course, we're only fifteen minutes into the show, so Boyd isn't cured yet. He slowly walks out of his hospital room to serenade the hallway with his rendition of "Go Tell It On The Mountain" -- the hallucinating version. He stops at the pretty waterfall installation and starts really projecting, until someone finally tries to help the poor delusional kid out. Chase puts a hand on Boyd's shoulder and calls out his name, trying to snap him out of it, but succeeding only in stopping the singing and getting Boyd to turn and start walking back to his room. Boyd-vision is blurry, except for one person who stands out clearly -- Wilson's patient. Boyd walks up to her, takes her hand, and tells her that God has heard all of the prayers she thought he was ignoring, and doesn't want her to be afraid. With that, Boyd puts his hand on her forehead and smears it down the side of her face. Wilson comes out of his office, sees the scene, and runs over to yell at Chase for letting his weird patient hassle Wilson's dying one. Incidentally, that scene was much better than anything I saw in 7th Heaven's musical episode.

Back in the meeting room, no one's sure if Boyd had some kind of psychotic episode or was just being his usual God-loving, faith-healing self, which House is quick to point out really illustrates how similar insanity and religious faith can be. Chase ignores this, and says that Boyd was obviously disoriented, unaware of his surroundings, and having some kind of seizure. Cameron suggests Wilson's disease, and Foreman and Chase come up with tuberous sclerosis. It's only the second season and we're already repeating diagnosis suggestions so often that I can recognize them. While House is making another crack about what would be a more effective diagnostic tool -- doing an MRI or asking God -- Wilson marches into the room, absolutely livid that one of House's nutcase patients approached his cancer girl...especially since she now claims to be feeling better. Before, Wilson says, she was "dealing with her illness," and now she's in denial and has false expectations that are sure to crash and leave her feeling worse than ever. And Wilson practically starts crying that he's going to be the one who has to deal with that, not House. Hey, does Wilson seem especially close to this patient to you guys? Even the Cottages are shocked at Wilson's outburst, using it as an excuse to stand around gawking instead of getting their work done.

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