House Vs. God

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House Vs. God

Chase is lonely at Grace's house, so he gives House a call to chat. He says that Grace's home is filled with electronic devices that give off radiation, as our love of technology is sure to give us all cancer one day no matter how far away from the microwave we stand. Also, Grace has four different pain pill prescriptions. House's mouth waters. Wilson raises House's raise, and Tax Accountant is impressed, and looks a lot like Wayne Knight. House hangs up on Chase and folds, and everyone at the table laughs at House for having his bluff called, much to House's consternation.

Meanwhile, Chase Geigers around the house. When he gets to the closet, he's shocked to find some men's clothing there. Hey -- I think I recognize that red and blue striped tie...

Chase calls House back and angrily reports that Grace has a boyfriend no one knew about who may very well come home at any minute and have Chase arrested. You know Chase is concerned about this, since he's on the phone whining about it instead of getting the hell out of there. House puts down the phone and throws out a big bet. Guy From The Bus Stop thinks House is bluffing that he has a straight flush, and calls the bet. House looks to Wilson for his bet.

Over at Grace's house, someone approaches the front door, and Chase freaks out. Is that Grace's boyfriend coming home? Does House really have the three and five of clubs in his hand to make a straight flush? The answer is no, and yes: the shadowy figure walks away, and who knows what the hell whoever that was was doing skulking around people's front doors at night.

And, Wilson folds, followed by Dry Cleaner, and then Tax Accountant. House grimly takes nine whole dollars for his straight flush, and then picks up the phone and tells Chase not to worry: Grace's boyfriend won't be coming home anytime soon.

And just how does House know that? Well, you can bet that God didn't tell him. While the three nameless guys watch and listen, House tells Wilson that he's figured out how Boyd knew about this poker game: Wilson told Grace about it, and she told Boyd. But why, exactly, would Wilson tell a patient something mundane about his life like that? Unless, of course, she wasn't just a patient. "Don't," Wilson says, shaking. But House does. "I'm seriously saying DON'T," Wilson says again, this time almost looking into the camera. "You've been having sex...with our miracle woman," House concludes. And then he and Wilson both stare at the camera in very close shots that show the hell off of House's blue eyes.

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