House Vs. God

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House Vs. God

Boyd's dad comes to the meeting room to tell the Cottages that Boyd is ready to check out. Why does everyone in that family have access to House's offices in this episode? Foreman and Cameron protest, saying that Boyd's sodium levels still haven't been regulated. But Boyd's dad says that Boyd told him that God said it was okay, so Boyd's dad is going to take Boyd's word for it. Unless one of the Cottages wants to take a hard line with Boyd for him.

In the kitchen, Wilson begs House to tell the poker players that Wilson isn't his name so that they don't go off to the authorities and report Wilson for sleeping with his patient and get his medical privileges taken away, like the freaking Dry Cleaner really cares about that. House agrees to this, in exchange for the juicy details about Grace and Wilson's hook-up. Wilson says that he gave Grace a ride home one day, when her ride didn't show up, and then stayed to buy her some groceries, and then tucked her into bed, and then sort of joined her there. And stayed there. And moved out of House's place and into hers. Because people who are dying of horrible painful cancer are all about embarking on new relationships and having hot sex. House accuses Wilson of feeding off of other people's neediness.

Wilson takes his leave of the poker game. House follows him outside so that he can yell at him some more: he accuses Wilson of having a fetish for needy people, which I can understand more than people who are into feet. I mean, at least needy people generally smell nice. Feet are just gross. Meanwhile, I have no idea whether what House is saying about Wilson is accurate or not. I don't know enough about Wilson's character or the women he's been with to say. Then again, House is probably one of the neediest people on this show, so I guess that would explain why Wilson wants to be his friend so badly. It's the best explanation for their enduring friendship that I've seen so far. Wilson must be really pissed off at God now, House says, for making Grace happy and independent and, therefore, no longer in need of Wilson's services. Wilson is also risking his career to sleep with a patient, which House thinks is stupid. Wilson counters that House isn't mad at him for risking his job: he's mad because Wilson lied to House, and House didn't realize it, making him not in control of something. And House, Wilson says, always has to be in control, and that's why he hates religion, which places control and power in the hands of some unknown higher power. With that, House's phone rings, and our psychoanalysis session that never occurs in real life can end. Boyd has a fever and is delusional. The only problem is that tuberous sclerosis doesn't cause fevers. I would say that being stuck in a building full of sick people probably does, but I'm no doctor. Wilson offers to drive House to PPTH, their fight temporarily forgotten. Those random people in House's apartment have temporarily been forgotten, too, it seems. Hope they're not the stealing type!

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