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Wallace signs up to go to Africa to help the Invisible Children movement (probably for the summer, although it's not stated). Wow, good for him. Screw mechanical engineering and basketball!

Mac enters Max's room with some pamphlets from the job fair, so he has to tell her that he's pulling in about fifteen hundred a week doing something that he likes, and he's going to be doing it for a while. Wow, Max, was your smile always that cute? Mac says that that does change things, but she's not sure how much, and she wants to keep seeing him. However, she needs to start going to classes again. Great. Are we out of this scene yet? No, first Max has to do a horribly embarrassing imitation of a bull charging Mac, complete with finger-horns. Max, keep your tax-free money; you're dead to me.

Big Dick is settling into his suite when Little Dick comes charging in. He hotly tells Big Dick that the Grand is where Beaver died. "I walk by the spot he's splattered on every day!" Well, I know it doesn't rain much in Southern California, but that still seems pretty extreme. He asks Big Dick if he ever thinks that Beaver killed those people because of them. "We used to have contests to see which one of us could make him cry!" He yells that he can barely live with himself sometimes, and it's much easier when Big Dick isn't around. I love seeing this side of Ryan Hansen's abilities, but I feel like they cut out of this scene just as it was getting good. I mean, we've been waiting the entire season for this; it feels like they could have spared more than twenty seconds here, especially since...

...Dick, still upset, enters Logan's suite and bows out of the trip. I wanted to see him change his mind; that last scene didn't have time to turn, which is very frustrating. Logan says he gets it, and Dohring once again shows his mettle by putting sympathy, but not empathy, into his voice. Dick apologizes for screwing up Logan's summer...

...and then Logan is showing up at Parker's and telling her the trip's off; without Dick splitting the bill, it'll be kind of expensive, and besides, it was something he and Dick were planning together. Parker's face is a mask of disappointment as she says she guesses she's going to Denver. I do not understand this dynamic at all. You were super-psyched about dating her, then as soon as Veronica starts with Piz, everything tastes like ashes and the sun goes dark in your eyes? You had to drag my girl Parker into your tear-stained emo web? I've liked your character most of this season! Get it together, dipshit!

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