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Sacks tells Keith that Veronica's on the phone for him, and she reports that she got a 95, beating him by two points. Feet up on Keith's desk, she gives an ill-advised gloating speech until Keith has her look in his middle drawer, which contains his PI test, on which he actually got a 97. "Sweetie, maybe you should go sit back down at the receptionist's desk." Hee. I do so love it when Keith scores points, so to speak, off Veronica. Veronica is saved by an incoming call, which she answers with a proud "Detective Mars speaking." A guy on the other end with a similar accent to Apollo's says he believes he's become aware of the son he never thought he had, but he needs proof. The boy? Apollo. Veronica and I both decide that making a Zeus joke is beneath us, opting instead to stay silent into the opening credits.

Wallace is reading a passage from the book to Veronica about how Apollo's mother told him to go with the soldiers, and she never saw him again. This is a scenario that's been told in both truth and fiction time out of mind, and never gets less chilling, so I admit I'm feeling a sense of investment here. Veronica earnestly says it'll mean that much more if she can reunite father and son here. Wallace is suspicious of the timing, and he wonders whether this guy might be pulling a scam to get some money from Apollo. Veronica says it's not like that, and she goes on that "Kizza" e-mailed her a PDF of a letter he claims was written by Apollo's mom, so all she has to do is obtain from Apollo a sample of mom's handwriting. She does mention, however, that she's taking the case pro bono, as Kizza is pretty destitute, and then she changes gears and says for Wallace to tell Piz that he missed out on some action. Wallace: "He's a good guy, Veronica. Try not to rip out his heart." Well, when you dangle it by a thread right in front of her hand, it's hard to resist the temptation.

Keith is interrogating a sullen plug-ugly named Tommy about the robberies, as Tommy was caught with jewelry from two different victims in his possession. He asks a question, but an unmistakable voice cuts in from off-screen: "Don't answer that." It's Cliff, once again back on the side of the seedy. It's just too bad Tommy isn't the hundredth bit as amusing as Loretta Cancun. Keith gets nowhere until Tommy leans back with his arms behind his head, at which point we can see that he's got a shamrock tattooed on his right bicep. That's all Keith needs to conclude that Tommy is anxious to get back to the River Stix and the Fitzpatricks. Keith leaves in a hurry, leaving an unhappy Tommy in his wake. He's probably not so jazzed about the bar now, given that it gives Liam such handy access to pool cues.

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