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Veronica catches Apollo outside a class and says she'd like to interview him for the Hearst Free Press. The girl on Apollo's arm encourages him to do it, and he says he's free later that day.

In the cafeteria, Logan and Parker are eating with Parker's parents. We remember, of course, how horrible her mother was after Parker got raped, but we haven't met Dad, who's ranting about how white flour is essentially poison. Parker jovially says she relies on her morning bagel. Dad: "Which is exactly why you need to be without it." Well, at least we know there's no humor imbalance in this marriage. Dad shoots Parker down again in this vein, exposits that the second half of the summer will be spent at "Aunt Louise's," and then asks Logan what kind of career he's pursuing. It's probably not the best time to bring up Grade My Ass, but I'd neither put it past Logan nor blame him for doing so in this particular case.

Veronica reaches Apollo's room just as some cute dude with some sort of British Imperial accent emerges. He tells Apollo he's got a visitor as he heads out. Veronica enters and sits down as Apollo asks her not to do her story on how much he loves playing Grand Theft Auto. Yes, not only would it diminish his serious credibility, but given Kizza's vocation, he would not be amused.

Later, Apollo is telling horror stories about his experiences in the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army), including how he was forced to take drugs that primed him to fight, but he managed to vomit them up and use cleverness to stay alive. "What's that Survivor slogan? 'Outwit, outplay, outlast'?" Well, yes, if you're talking about, say, Yul or Yau Man. If it's Lisi, only the "out" is really relevant. I will say, though, that the mention of Apollo's cleverness is a nice touch given the web of deception he weaves later in the episode. Apollo then asks if Veronica has more questions, and she has to recover for a moment before asking him about the days before his conscription.

Parker flops down on Logan's couch as he jokes that he thinks her parents liked him. She good-naturedly says that she doubts he "survived the Googling," which is ironic, because I have the feeling that if I were to Google the name "Logan Echolls," I might not be long for this world myself. Logan lifts her up and sits underneath her, and they're couply for a moment until Logan offers her the chance to escape her parents by staying "here." She's kind of blown away, as she thinks he's asking her to move in together, but he has to tell her that he's going to be away surfing with Dick in South America all summer. I don't know why they'd bother going all the way down there right at the height of the Southern Hemisphere's winter, but I never said I understood surfers anyway. Logan says he thought she was going to be in Denver, but she points out that that's only a couple hours away, and she thought they'd see each other. I'd like to get pissed at Parker here too, but I can't; she's been with Logan longer, so you'd think he'd at least have mentioned it without being forced to, and besides, it's not her OWN PLANS that are causing her dismay. Not to mention that she's at least speaking up instead of being all emo for the cameras. How did this paragraph turn into a detailed report on how I now like Piz the least of any point this season? Logan steadfastly refuses to acknowledge her point. "It's a surf trip, Parker. It has nothing to do with us." Logan, I buy that argument about as much as when the surf trip was a coma baby and you were Duncan. And frankly, I like it about as much, too.

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