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Veronica's looking on a shelf when she spies Logan lurking in the next row over. She starts to banter a little about Logan learning Portuguese, but Logan somewhat pissily asks how she knows about the trip. Veronica admits that Parker mentioned it, and neutrally says Parker was bummed he didn't tell her about it earlier. Logan remains somewhat shirty, and he's clearly more put out that Veronica was comfortable talking to Parker about him than anything else. Veronica concludes by saying she told Parker that that's just how Logan is, leaving Logan to look all upset. I don't know what all the fuss about Veronica's choice between Logan and Piz is -- in this episode, they're basically the same person.

Speaking of, Piz finds Veronica in the cafeteria and tells her that he scored another internship offer -- with a radio station right in Neptune. He lists the pros and cons of both choices, but with a clear undercurrent of "let's make the choice together in the context of our relationship," and God, can't Veronica and Parker go off together and leave the rest of these whiny bitches behind? Veronica pragmatically asks what he wants to do when he grows up, and Piz confesses it's radio, so she counsels him to take the Neptune position. Piz looks happy that she said that but not as happy as he would have been if she'd inserted her personal feelings into the equation. Chris Lowell is hitting all the right notes here, but it's the notes themselves that are pissing me off. Veronica takes a phone call, and it's Kizza, whom she asks if he can catch the red-eye. Hon, you went to New York last summer, and thus have no excuse not to know that THE RED-EYE GOES IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. God!

Veronica calls Apollo and says she needs to talk to him. He says that's convenient, as he wanted to talk to her too, so she should come to the library.

Ooh, Liam Fitzpatrick shows up to talk to Keith. Liam sits, and Keith tells him about his arrest of Tommy Shaw. Liam sunnily says he hasn't seen Tommy since his mother's wake, "back in aught five." Keith points out that Liam is working his third strike, and threatens to keep picking off his flunkies until he finds one that will trade him ten years for Liam's name. You know, cat-and-mouse games are fun, but I hope we're not forgetting that Liam pulled the trigger of a gun he thought was loaded and had pointed at Keith. I know I was complaining about relationship tension, but I think this scene could have used a little more of it. Liam counters with the point that if the robberies don't stop, Keith may be back out of the uniform soon, but they might cease if he were to, say, find out what happened to Kendall and his money. Keith opines that Cormac buried Kendall in a shallow grave. As for the money, he says it was never Liam's. And all this reminds me that a poster pointed out that Vinnie was working for Liam way back in the season premiere, so the whole thing with Vinnie and Danny Boyd last episode is even fishier than I thought. And also, Keith knows this, so his big revelation later in the episode makes him look like a total dimwit. I know this is supposed to be a stand-alone episode, but there's got to be a better way to do it without making poor Continuity cry. He's not used to it on this show. Anyway, Liam gets to his feet, tells Keith he wouldn't bother unpacking, and leaves.

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