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Veronica arrives at the library, only to find Apollo sitting with Wilson, her FreePress editor. Caught in a lie! She is so getting voted off at the next Tribal Council.

So here's the thing: It's at this point in the recap that I found out that the show is officially canceled. And while any future show I may do will almost necessarily be much easier both to recap and to moderate, I'm still going to miss it terribly. I feel a little bad, given the circumstances, about being so harsh about the relationship stuff, but them is, as they say, the breaks. However, you all know how I feel; I'll try not to beat the point to death. I'll just focus on the fact that I have to give the show a proper eulogy next week while recapping A TWO-HOUR SERIES FINALE ON A HOLIDAY WEEKEND WHEN I'M GOING OUT OF TOWN. There. Piz and Parker who?

Wilson leaves the two of them to talk, so Veronica comes clean about Kizza. She produces the letter, saying it's from Apollo's mom and it tells Kizza that he should leave Uganda, but not that she was pregnant. Apollo, upset, says his hometown paper printed the grocery list, and Kizza must have forged the letter. Veronica says they'll just prove the paternity via a blood test. Apollo, on his way out the door: "No, we won't." Veronica, in his defense, even Greek gods aren't crazy about needles.

Mac walks with Veronica; she likes Max's entrepreneurial spirit, but not his lack of drive. That's about it. In the interests of saying something nice, though, I don't think it was ever mentioned that it was a nice touch that Max turned out to be a philosophy major after his deeming Veronica's plagiarism conundrum "Kafka-esque." Hee. Max asks how "Pizneyland" is treating her, and she says there's no roller coaster, "but I think I can do without the adrenaline and nausea." Honey, you won't need a roller coaster if you're serious about making Mac's little name stick. Or at least I won't.

Mars Investigations. Veronica tries Apollo, but she gets his roommate, who says Apollo's not around, but maybe she should try his friend Zeke Melinda. Great, on top of the cancellation, you had to mention poor Melinda heading back home to the end of the rainbow. ["And taking your chances of winning the pool with her. HA HA HA." -- Miss Alli] The roommate then backtracks, saying that he thinks Apollo and Melinda had a falling out, and he suggests the adviser just as Kizza enters, causing Veronica to hang up in a rush. Kizza's aghast at Veronica's age, and even more aghast at the big kitty she has on the end of her pen. Heh.

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