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In his room, Veronica is telling Wallace what Zeke said -- he was Apollo's roommate, but until Apollo's book came out, he never said anything about being a child soldier, despite having revealed many other things about his life. She asks what she should do, and a pensive Wallace suggests nothing. He name-checks Invisible Children, which is perfectly fine with me, and suggests that if Veronica destroys Apollo's credibility, she'll undo all the good that his book has done. And this kind of moral dilemma is Veronica Mars at its best, so good work here, and it's also nice that Wallace is pointing out the side of bigger-picture righteousness, which feels like old times. Veronica then gets a call from the girlfriend, who says she just saw Apollo, and he's on his way back to his room. Oh, I should mention that Apollo's girlfriend is named Olympia. I'd be laughing if the cancellation weren't such a Greek tragedy.

Veronica arrives at Apollo's room to find him in an agitated conversation involving money and "So they're just going to pull the plug, just like that." Lines like that can make you believe in jinxes. Apollo hangs up, looks upset, notices Veronica, and asks for a second to grab his laundry. He leaves, and Veronica takes the opportunity to grab his phone and hit redial. A female voice answers with the name of a studio, and VMVO concludes, "Looks like Soldier Of Misfortune won't be coming to a theater near you." Apollo returns and says Olympia convinced him to take the blood test. Veronica is only too happy to arrange it.

Dick returns to the suite and hears a voice from the balcony: "Hello, son." And here Ryan Hansen thought he'd skate through the rest of the series without being called "Little Dick" again. But no: Big Dick Casablancas has returned; he turned himself in, and he has a couple months before he pays his "debt to society." I think his shareholders probably care more about his debt to them, and I'm not even fazed by the fact that Little Dick agrees with me. Little Dick scoffs at the fact that Big Dick is only going to be put away for a year, and mentions how he's going to be gone for most of the summer. Big Dick, though, wants to spend time with Little Dick, and gets a little heated: "This is the only chance you have to be with your father, and you're talking about a surf trip?" Dude, if I were in his position, I'd talk about a surf trip too, and the only thing I know about surfing is that sex wax has something to do with it. Big Dick is still hot, though.

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