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I Will Be Your Preacher, Teacher

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I Will Be Your Preacher, Teacher

Much, much, much more "talking about it here" ensues. Elka sits with Montana next to dozens and dozens of screaming children -- no clever editing needed to accentuate the housemates' insane retardedness in working with kids -- and saying, no really, "She just feels bad because she doesn't want her mother to know she's having sex. I hear moaning and groaning, bumping and grinding, and that's not supposed to be sex?" ['You heard bumping? Like, into walls?" -- Wing Chun] The kids play and frolic in the looming shadow of such depravity. MTV corrupts the life of another youth, quite literally in this case.

Fight. FIGHT!!! Finally. Elka and Sean are SCREAMING the word "sex" over and over and over in the computer room of the CCC, and Kameelah yells, "I will knock you out!" Elka leaves. That Dave guy from the scene with Elka and Anthony throws them all out of the center, and Kameelah rants further about it to Sean on the street. And then we're back at the CCC (who's that bald guy with the...oh, hi, Syrus. Where you been for the last, like, all season?), Poor Poor Anthony demanding answers. Elka tries to depict herself as the good guy, telling Anthony that she was the one to walk away when Kameelah yelled at her across the room. That Dave Guy counters that there was a lot of talk about sex as well (there was), and Anthony tells them that there can be no more "melodramatic outbursts." ["Cut to a black screen. Just kidding. That would be funny, though." -- Wing Chun] Anthony then takes Elka and Sean into his office and tells them that he was "going to suspend" them, and Sean looks almost hopeful about it because it would be just like getting a snow day. Because there is nothing at risk getting a suspension. Except looking stupid on national television. Luckily for Sean, this knotty plot point in already out of the way. Kameelah is warned similarly, but with the value added bonus of Anthony telling her that she does a great, great job at the center. Blah. Paintcakes.

And finally, some cycle-completing filler addendum stuff of Elka cutting the cord entirely. Elka, Genesis and a bunch of their random media-whore friends walk down a darkened Boston street singing "A-piercing we will go." Elka's confessional promising "No matter what happens, I am always going to respect him, and I am always going to honor him" is juxtaposed against shots and shots and shots of the assemblage entering some kind of Piece-a-teria, with its many needles and leather items and other body mutilating paraphernalia of a godless nature. Clever. Even cleverer is the soundtrack's need to pierce the concept of subtlety of a non-WE-GET-IT variety, as "I've Got You Under My Skin" rings proud. Elka gets her eyebrow pierced. It looks really good. "My father is gonna freak." Under my skin. Got it.

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