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Just You Wait And See

Dang, are we only up to the opening credits?

After an all-too-brief commercial respite, we're in the Camden living room. Julie sits impassively in an armchair while Annie and Eric make goofy faces at each other right in front of her. I think they're each trying to get the other to initiate a conversation. If I were Julie, I'd be a little annoyed that my brother and sister-in-law were making goofy faces at each other instead of asking me about my problems. Heck, I'm not Julie and I'm still annoyed. After three or four decades of really bad miming, RevCam finally gets around to asking Julie what happened. Julie says there's no way she's going to have a baby with Hank and that her marriage is over. Then she tries to blame her marriage on RevCam. Those wacky pregnant women, heh heh! Julie claims she's so contrary that if RevCam hadn't disliked Hank, she never would have married him! Annie shifts into super-hyperdrive mode and anxiously orders RevCam to go make some tea. He wanders off, muttering his stupid Challenge Mantra again. Annie gets up and takes the seat RevCam has just vacated because, you know, she's also taking over what she perceives as his job. Gotta love that tacky symbolism. All Annie can come up with is to ask Julie, "So the only reason that you married Hank is because Eric didn't like him?" (Note to self: be sure to seek out Annie's "help" the next time you have a major problem. Not.) Julie replies, "No, I dated him because Eric didn't like him. But you see what dating led to -- this!" She's gesturing toward her womb. Apparently, Annie doesn't need to have RevCam in the room with her in order to make some goofy faces. The face she's making right now approximates what someone might look like if he or she had just sat on a tack. The director must have nodded off from boredom and forgotten to yell, "Cut," because Annie's face-making goes on for much longer than is strictly necessary.

RevCam is pacing in the kitchen, kettle in hand, when Simon comes in. They have a pointless discussion about dinner in order to establish that RevCam is going to go down to the hospital and talk to Julie's husband, Hank. Simon very reasonably points out that RevCam should ask Julie first. RevCam rudely wanders off without even responding. Then the writers whack us over the head with their Giant Overkill Hammer by having Simon say, "I'm only thirteen, and even I know he should ask Aunt Julie first." Hell, even Happy knows, as she barks to concur. I really wish they'd give her more screen time, but with better lines.

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